Grocery Store Voting

The other day I was at the grocery store with my wife. When we were leaving, we were stopped just outside the store by a lady with a clipboard in her hand. She asked us if we were registered to vote, presumably to get us registered if we were not. Naturally I told her we were, which we are, and we continued on our way.

However, had we not been registered to vote, I would have still told her the same thing. For two reasons. One, I know where to register to vote, and outside of the grocery store is not what I’m talking about. Voting is a serious thing for most people, myself included, albeit it’s actually serious enough for me that I don’t like voting because I don’t think it does a bit of good.

If anybody is going to register to vote, it’s on their to-do list, they know where to go. I seriously doubt any of them are saying, “You know, I really want to register to vote so that I can change things for what I think will be the better. It’s serious enough that I will take time out of my day to go to the license bureau and register. Fuck that, I’ll just do it at the grocery store and kill two birds with one stone.”

It’s bad enough that we can get everything we need for our lives at the grocery store now instead of just groceries. I can even pay my bills at the fucking grocery store. But register to vote? Seriously? Does that mean in the near future I’ll be able to renew my license there as well?

I thought voting and registering to vote was a serious thing. I mean, you have to do it at the license bureau, and anything involving that place is pretty serious… standing in line for hours on end with only two people in front of you, employees walking around looking pissed off that their lives are spent working at that place as if someone forced them to work there… but no, it’s only serious enough that a person standing outside of a grocery store, just in front of the quarter-per-ride mechanical horse and claw machine with a clipboard can do it.

Two, it’s none of your damn business. Whether I vote or not is none of your concern. When the lady asked us if we were registered to vote, she actually didn’t ask that at all. She asked us if we were going to vote. Wrong choice of words. What does it matter to her if I am or not? It doesn’t. She isn’t going to lose sleep over it. She’s not now thinking about me and my choice. So why stop me out of my day and what could be a busy schedule, to ask me something so stupid and irrelevant?

Again, if I’m going to vote, which I am (completely against my better judgment), it’s nobody’s business but my own, especially some unknown bitch outside of a fucking grocery store. Why don’t they just have the guy at the meat counter sign me up? Why leave it on the shoulders of a random lady outside of the store?

I’m not going to do my major business, and I do consider voting and registering to vote a major business, outside of a fucking grocery store with someone, anyone, holding a fucking clipboard. That’s not major. You know who else stands outside grocery stores waiting for you to leave? People selling shit. Girl scouts, people with suckers, Amvets, whatever. I just left a fucking STORE where I bought shit. I’m not going to buy shit on my way out of the store. If you want to sell something, go get yourself a store. Until then, the parking lot is not a place where I spend money, OR sign up for shit.

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