Awesome Animals: Uso Puffer Fish

This blog piece is brought to you by the soon to be famous underwater crop field circles being found in the ocean all over the world. Well, namely right around the coast of Amami Oshima, Japan.

Big deal. Looks like a sand castle made with the top of a plastic deli-tray container.

Yeah, so someone dove about 80 feet with a giant plastic lid and made themselves a nifty sandcastle.

ACTUALLY it’s the handiwork of this awesome little puffer fish.

This guy.

Recently, some awesome dude named Yoji Ookata, a professional underwater photographer, discovered this. He set up cameras and documented the little puffer fish making these Labyrinth’s Of Love, or LOL for short. You had no idea.

He swims around like a drunk lunatic having a seizure to make these cool patterns.

Some researchers did some researching and discovered that the fish, whom I named Uso since the original article I read had nothing on the actual name of this fish and I wanted to throw my own idea out there, does this to not only be a badass but to attract a mate.

After the scientists did some more studying, their findings also “showed that the grooves and ridges of the sculpture helped neutralize currents, protecting the eggs from being tossed around and potentially exposing them to predators.”

You see, once the Uso finds a mate, they totally do it in the very center of the circle and lay their eggs there. And then billions of years of evolution go to work in the form of sweeping the water and currents away from the eggs so that they won’t get carried away and served up as an omelette at some tiny IHOP for shrimp.

Since the circles actually reminded Yoji Ookata of crop circles, that reminded me of USO’s, or Unidentified Submerged Objects, basically underwater UFO’s. That’s where I got the name for the little guy. And if you follow Spanish formalities, the female would be an Usa, which is very patriotic.

Until next time, my hat’s off to you, Van Gogh of the sea.

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