Famous Relatives You Probably Never Heard Of

In this day and age, there are millions of celebrities out there from every walk of life as well as in every form of “art” that can produce a celebrity. From bands to actors to painters to whatever, they are everywhere. Only a select few from the group will stand out and be a household name. But they aren’t alone in life. Chances are good most of them are related to someone who is also trying to be famous but not doing as well as their richer, more famous brother or sister or mother or whatever.

I can only cover a few, and these are just those that I know of. I’m sure there are plenty more out there who deserve to be noticed (or not mentioned ever), but I’ll only focus on those I know, for now, mostly because I don’t feel like doing any research.

1. Pamela Springsteen

You should already know who this chick is related to. Rock star Bruce “The Boss” Springsteen has been jamming out to fans for decades, and his epic shows and lack of a desire to end his shows at a decent time have earned him the nickname “The Boss”. He’s not only recorded his own memorable songs over the years, but he’s also written songs for other bands as well that have become hits, such as Blinded by the Light recorded by Manfred Mann and Because the Night recorded by Patti Smith.

In 1982 Bruce’s sister, Pamela, decided to get into acting and she did an episode of The Fact’s Of Life. That same year she portrayed Dina Phillips in Fast Times At Ridgemont High. In 1988 she earned the lead role in a popular underground horror movie franchise, Sleepaway Camp, starring in parts two and three as Angela Baker/Johnson. She murders a whole lot of people in awesome, disgusting ways.

In the scene below, you’ll see the first fifteen minutes or so of Sleepaway Camp 2. It’s a favorite of mine, just like the first and third, but you’ll see Pamela as camp counselor Angela. You should know before watching that there are some deaths in the first fifteen minutes, some gory bloody stuff, and there’s also titties, so don’t watch this at work, or at least don’t get caught.

Hey, that’s Pamela right there in the still frame of the clip, with the play button right on her shoulder.

But in real life, Pamela is a professional photographer. It’s a shame she hasn’t acted much since portraying the murderingly luscious Angela, in fact, she only did two projects after Sleepaway 3 and the last one was in 1990. For whatever reason she decided to get out of acting, I’m sure it was a good one.

Her photography includes stills of famous people as well as album covers for a bunch of artists you’re sure to know, like these…

Those are just a few of the ones she’s done. You can view all of her stuff at her website, pamelaspringsteen.com.

2. Renee Estevez

I bet you can’t figure out who Renee is related to… Okay, you win. She’s the sister of funny-men and all around good-guys Emilio Estevez and Charlie Sheen. She’s an actor just like the rest of her family, only she’s not as well known although she’s been in some things you’ve probably seen. She was an underage hooker in Lethal Weapon, Max in the “Babies Having Babies” episode of the CBS Schoolbreak Special, and Becky in the “A Question About Sex” episode of the ABC Afterschool Special. Oh yeah, she was also Lieutenant Crandall / P.O. Daniels on JAG and Nancy on The West Wing.

If you watch the above scene of Sleepaway Camp 2, you’ll see Renee acting alongside Pamela Springsteen. She plays Molly and her first line is at 7:02, where she asks, “Hey, where’s Phoebe?”

Anyway, she’s a cutie and should probably do more naked scenes, except she hasn’t done anything in a couple of years, so maybe she’s done. Hopefully she’s just taking a break.

Here she is again with Pamela Springsteen…

Estevez – Springsteen

You can check out more of her at her website, renee-estevez.com.

3. James Young

This one is a little more obscure, especially since I don’t have a photo of him. I really don’t even have any more on him than this… he was the original (I believe) drummer for the Australian hard rock band The Poor. He’s also the nephew of Young brothers Malcolm and Angus from AC/DC.

I found this out back in 1996 when I went to see The Poor open up for AC/DC and there was an article about the tour in a magazine. They brought it up then.

The Poor is still around and putting out good music. Their debut album “Who Cares?” was a great rock album, which I own and still rock out to, and their new stuff isn’t too bad either. They had disbanded for something like 10-15 years before just recently getting back together in the last couple of years. Check them out if you like an AC/DC type rock band, thepoor.com.au. I don’t believe James is with them anymore and I don’t know if he’s up to anything at all.

4. Chester Hanks

Once again I’m sure you can tell just by the name who this celebrity is a relative of. Tom Hanks is a world famous actor of many many memorable movie and television roles over the last thirty or more years. He has produced several offspring, one son named Colin Hanks, who you might remember as the lead role Shaun Brumder in the comedy Orange County, opposite Jack Black. He also starred in two shows that never did any good.

Tom Hanks’ other son is Chester Hanks and Chester is a college student as well as a rapper. His only real notable song is “White And Purple” that he does under his street name Chet Haze. You can listen to the song below, although I really don’t suggest you do.

I’m sure Tom Hanks has other kids, I mean he’s Tom Hanks. He gets tang all the time. In any case, these are the four celebrities I know of that are related to other, more famous celebrities.

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