Of Dogs And Lions

Recently, rapper and general good guy Snoop Doggy Dogg changed his name from that to Snoop Lion. It is still unclear at this time if he’ll go by Snoop Doggy Lion or Snoop Liony Lion.

The reason he did this is, he discovered Rastafarianism. So, Snoop Lion is now a Rasta. That means he’s free to smoke as much weed as he wants.

Oh, right.

So Snoop Lion is now a Rasta. That means he’s not allowed to call himself a dog anymore, in case you were wondering. In Rasta, calling someone a dog is an insult, and to call himself one shows lack of self knowledge. When he decided to have the procedure done, the Rasta priest told him that was a no-go and thus made him change his name.

This makes me wonder a couple things. One, has Snoop smoked so much weed in his life that he, up until now, didn’t realize someone like the Rastas existed? They’re in Jamaica and smoke a ton of weed for crying out loud, you think he would have been all over that from birth.

Two, has he smoked so much weed since becoming Rasta that he has channeled the dead spirit of the greatest pot smoker the world has ever seen, Bob Marley, into his own body?

He seems to think so.

“Speaking of Marley, Snoop Lion also said that he considers himself a reincarnation of the late musician. Edmonds said that some Rasta theology bears the influence of Hinduism, in which reincarnation is a core belief.” – A bit I picked up from the news source.

Now personally, I think the move is great. Snoop is a legend. Everybody knows who he is, regardless if they listen to rap or not, and most people find him to be entertaining, regardless if they listen to him or not. I like Snoop and I’m not even a fan.

But to get used to calling him Snoop Lion, that’s going to take some time. Time I’m sure he’ll spend smoking more and doing less. I can only imagine though, what his music is going to be like now. Let’s see if his music reflects Marley’s more, or if he’ll be dropping anything else because it resembles something that is hot.

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