Racism Sucks

Let me get this off my chest. First and foremost, I fucking hate racism, but not nearly as much as I hate racists. Anybody who hates someone of the opposite color as them should be drawn and quartered. The Ku Klux Klan can K-K-Kiss the sweatiest part of my ball bag.

For years I have been telling people around me that I can’t stand racism. There are even people in my family who use the N-word as if it were a regular everyday word, and I’ve told them to knock it off when I’m around them. It would be nice to get them to stop all together, but I know that won’t happen. Still, I don’t want to fucking hear it.

Recent events have made me change my mind, though, and I’m going to tell them to use it up when they’re around me, and I’ll get to that in just a second.

To prove further that I’m not racist, I used to work at an all black radio station for 5 years as one of their top producers. I was the only white guy working there. Day in and day out I heard callers calling in talking about “Kill whitey” and “damn the white man”. I looked the other way. What was I going to say anyway?

I have several black step-cousins. They’re awesome.

My girlfriend before I met my wife was black. She was awesome.

I consider everyone to be equal in every way. In my eye, nobody is different from anybody else. Which is why I fucking hate it when I hear or see racism. Any white person who thinks the color of their skin makes them superior is a douche who shouldn’t be allowed to reproduce. Sure, your skin makes you superior, but your fucking ignorance puts you below everyone.

Today as I was out driving I came to a particular intersection just a couple of miles from my house. This intersection, a major one, is frequently inhabited by folks standing out in traffic handing out bottles of water to hot passersby, or newspapers, or taking donations for their local church. As far as I know, no matter who they are or what they have, it’s all in the name of God. And these people are always black. After all, it is a black part of town.

Like I said, I have no problems with black people what so ever. But I do have a huge problem with racists, no matter what color they are. A racist is a racist, and they are all scum.

As I sat at this intersection waiting on the light, this well dressed black man began walking from car to car, one hand filled with bottles of water, the other a pie. I have no idea…

Anyway, as he made his way towards our car my wife rolled her window up because she didn’t want to be harassed for money. Her cousin, who was in the back seat, said it was rude for her to do that. My wife responded with, “It doesn’t matter, he’s not coming to our car.” And he didn’t, as soon as he saw we were white.

Now let me take you back a couple of years. I was at the same intersection. A black man with news papers come walking up to my car and he started with “Hey brother…” and then he saw I was a white guy. I was going to get a paper from him, to help him out with whatever he was pushing. When he saw I was white he chuckled and said, “Oh, how are you?” and he walked right on past my car. Ever since then, I haven’t helped any of them, as if they would come to me anyway.

Now back to today. The man walked past our car and to the car next to us. Since all of my windows were down, I heard him talking to the driver of the car next to us clearly and he said, rather loudly, “Yeah man, don’t let the white man bring you down!”

I was ready to commit a hate crime. I was literally ready to jump out of the car and beat his ass right in front of everybody, strictly for being a racist piece of shit. And yes, it would have been a hate crime, because he’s a racist and I hate racists.

I understand racism will always be around, sadly, but I don’t understand why certain black folks are racist. Not only was it wrong as fuck when the white man were keeping them as slaves, and not only is it wrong as fuck for anybody to be racist, but how do you beat racism if you yourself are racist? Is that how you plan to beat the white man, by emulating the one thing that makes you hate him?

If it weren’t for white men being racist, surely the black man couldn’t hate the white man, at least for that, right? So the only thing I can think is, if they’re going to be racist against white people, it has to be because white people are racist towards them. So how do two wrongs make a right?

Racism all around has to stop, period, but I know it won’t. Me personally, I really truly do hate a majority of the population of earth, but that includes everyone, not based on color, but based on the simple fact that I hate everyone equally. HOWEVER, I try to be nice to people, at least civil, and I will always offer a smile to someone if they offer one to me. I will say “hello” and “how you doin?” to anybody that makes eye contact with me, regardless of what they look like. Because I’m not an asshole like that.

Since racism isn’t going to stop and me and my little blog here aren’t going to make an impact on it whatsoever, why should I give a fuck? The man at the intersection didn’t give a fuck, and he knew exactly what he was doing, saying that loud enough for me to hear him, and who knows how many other white people who were sitting around us at that time, waiting for the light to turn.

I say fuck him and fuck anyone else who judges people based off of skin color alone. You’re all worthless humans and you’re not worth the flesh you’re printed on, no matter what color it is.

However, what he said really pissed me off and hurt me. I didn’t think ill towards him at all, until I watched him blatantly skip me because I’m white, and then to hear that… what the fuck is wrong with people? Huh? Do I have any black readers? Can you tell me what the fuck that’s all about? Why be racist if you don’t like racists? That’s so counterproductive.

I wouldn’t want to be something I hate, but unfortunately I have no choice in the matter of being a human. To live amongst you fuckers is really wearing me down. Now I know why people become hermits. I think I’ll become one now.

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