The Stripper And The Pole

Recently on Facebook, a friend of mine posted a comment about the stripper pole workout, that new-ish trend in workouts where you dance like a stripper to shed those extra pounds. My friend, a female, said, “Taking pole-dancing fitness classes is not empowering to women. Stop it.”

I commented on it, starting my comment off with “No” as in, no, it’s not. Kind of like, “I agree with what you’re saying”, and then I went on to say, however, that some women do it to learn the skill and they take it home to their husbands to do it for them to rekindle a dusty sexual relationship.

The point here is, nobody is forcing the women to do that workout. Obviously they don’t think it’s a problem to woman-kind. As a matter of fact, I think it IS empowering to women, because now in this day and age, women have the right to decide if they want to do that or not. It’s THEIR choice.

The same can be said about women who are actual strippers or even porn stars. They chose that profession, they weren’t forced into them. Now I know in some places some women are forced into those positions, and that is wrong completely, but for the sake of the argument, let’s stick with those women who chose those professions on their own.

It’s the woman’s right to choose that career for themselves. That’s the modern age we live in. Years ago women couldn’t vote or wear pants or do anything that a man could do. But now they can, and they have a voice and they use it. A lot of men have even accepted that fact.

Just like my friend on Facebook has the right to post whatever she feels, those women have the right to do whatever they so desire, in that arena.

The reason I’m posting all of this is because my comment to her was deleted because it was either “jaded” or “desensitized”. I’m not sure how, considering I was actually agreeing with her, but that’s fine. I asked her how my comment was either of the two and have yet to hear back from her. UPDATE: She actually deleted those questions about it as well with not so much as an answer. Good for her. That’s empowerment.

Personally, I don’t care for strippers. I’ve only been to one strip club in my life and that was because I was invited to and taken there by a friend of mine who worked there. And I had a horrible time.

Strip clubs are not my thing, but if my wife decided she wanted to do a stripper workout, I’d be all for it, because that is her choice. Just like it’s my choice to not like strip clubs. Personally, I don’t care to look at naked women, dancing in my lap, if I’m not allowed to touch them. Just looking at them… no thanks, I have porn for that, and it’s free. And I won’t go to jail if I pleasure myself while watching it in my own home. Unless the neighbor sees me through the window…

With that said, she is a friend of mine, and I will always consider her as such. But feminism, like any form of extreme belief, is insane. And if she feels that my comment was wrong just because it wasn’t exactly what she wanted to hear, so be it. I won’t judge her for that, as I’m sure she’s in some way judged me for my comment. Again, it’s her right to do so and I’m glad she used it.

4 responses to “The Stripper And The Pole

  1. I don’t want to have a go at your friend, but I don’t know why some women feel the need to make every single activity a gender-political movement. Poledancing classes are a great way to stay fit, (most of the girls I know who do it are in better shape than me,) and until they start doing the classes in front of groups of drunken Japanese businessmen I refuse to see anything chauvinistic or degrading about it.

  2. Absolutely, and that was sort of the point I was trying to make. Just because of what it represents doesn’t mean it is, in and of itself, bad. She still has yet to tell me what it was I said wrong, but I’ve let it go. Arguing with those types never amounts to anything positive.

    The best part about pole dancing workouts, though, is that it’s still going to go on, and I appreciate that.

  3. Can’t believe she deleted your comment without providing an explanation – yes, that is her right, but still… If I was going to delete someone’s comment and they asked me why I’d tell them. I made the decision, I obviously had a reason, why wouldn’t I stand behind that and let them know… That’s just me though.

    Oh, and you’ve got to remember to keep your blinds closed so the neighbors can’t look in. Creepy voyeurs…

    • Yeah right. All of my blinds stay closed, but I have a hole in one of them and I constantly wonder if someone’s looking in, especially at night. Paranoia grabs me hard at night.

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