Gotcha Again!

Yes, I busted another prank callers dreams. This time in quick fashion.

Following last night’s debacle, I took a call tonight from some girl, and I mean girl, who was probably just in her early teens.

Rule number one prankers, giggling and laughing on the phone and in the background gives yourself away, right away. Dumbasses.

Me: Thank you for calling, what is your name?
Her: (I can’t remember now, not important.)
Me: And what is your phone number?

She starts to give me her number, gives me the area code, stumbles with three fake first numbers, completely stops and then says “one one one one” and giggles.

I said, “Don’t you mean…” and I ran her number off to her.

She froze and then again stumbled over her words. “Oh, uh, I uh, I think I called the wrong number…”

I said “yeah” sarcastically and hung up. That was the last time she called.


One response to “Gotcha Again!

  1. When I worked at Directv I never got prank called. I did however got a guy who started masturbating on the phone when I read his channel list, then asked me to read the porn channels and what I liked to watch. I told him I had to transfer him, we were not allowed to hang up, and he begged me like a baby not to. WHO CALLS A CUSTOMER SERVICE LINE EXPECTING PORN!? I felt violated.

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