If I had a piece here at the House o’ Fun about Customer Service Fails, this would be under that category. As it turns out, I do not, but I’m pretending it’s a part of twindaddy’s, without his knowing.

Last night at work we had yet another third-shift-pranker who once again failed horribly at pranking. This is how it went.

Me: Thanks for calling, what is your name?
Him: Dawn. That’s D… A… W… N.
Me: And your last name?
Him: Jones.
Me: Thank you, and do you by chance happen to have an email address?
Him: Yes.
Me: What is it?
Him: My dick in your ass!

And he hung up. A moment later, I get another call.

Me: Thanks for calling, what is your name?
Him: It’s still my dick in your ass!

As he laughed, I then proceeded to say “Yeah, well I have your phone number as…” and I recited his number. Typically we’re not supposed to let our customers know we have caller ID, but in these cases it works in our favor. When I got done reading off his number to him he replied in a legitimately scared tone, “For real?” I said “yup” and hung up on him.

Immediately, my wife, the only other person who works third shift with me, got a call and it was him.

He told her he was fifteen and fucked up (probably on weed, he didn’t say) and he begged us not to call his mom and tell her, because she would kill him. He begged and pleaded.

I had written down his number to keep for my own records of prank callers, so later if I happen to see one of them pop up, much like a “do not accept checks from this person” list, I can kill the prank before it gets started. I scratched it off. He won’t be calling back now. And sadly, that list of numbers is growing pretty big, yet I have yet to hear an original prank.

This really got to me, although I found it very amusing that he called back and begged for us to not call his mom. It got to me because seriously, these prank calls are starting to wear on me. Again, they’re not original and it’s not that they’re “getting me”, it’s just played out and I’m bored to death with it. If only they knew, as if they’d care.

I considered giving his mother a call today to let her know, but decided against it. Why? I remember being 15, smoking dope and making prank calls. I wasn’t any more original although I did have some good ones that really worked out well, but still, I did it, so how could I persecute him for doing it when I did the same thing?

Sure, he doesn’t know we get pranked all the time because he’s 15. He’s stupid. We all were at that age. He can’t be held accountable for all of the other dumbasses, most of them much older and more “mature” than he is, but still it would have been funny as hell to call his mom and tell her just to hear her reaction.

3 responses to “Gotcha!

  1. 15 year olds suck. I can’t believe I used to be one…

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  3. I never did prank calls, too much of a cowards….my siblings and I did however prank call the porno hotlines we discovered in my Dad’s porn mags and didn’t know that 900 numbers cost money. My Dad still holds it over my head once in a while…I came clean years ago about lying about them being psychic hotlines.

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