F**k The Rain Umbrella

I’ve always been a fan of the middle finger. It means a lot, for just a regular finger. Well, I guess it isn’t a regular finger, since it means so much. Amazingly, it only means “Fuck you” in American. If you travel the world, chances are good you’ll find that the middle finger doesn’t mean much outside of our country.


That logo has followed this blog for years. As I said, I’m a fan. That one finger tells just about everyone and everything just what I think of it. I even put it on a shirt.

Want one? You can own one for just $15.99 plus S/H, along with all of the other shirts I designed. I haven’t linked to the shop yet for no real good reason. So there it is, go look through my store and buy some stuff. I don’t even make a profit from sales. Yeah, I’m selling that stuff at the bare minimum price just to get it out there.

So I’m checking out my list of sites to check out and I come across Dude, I Want That and an umbrella that I can’t believe I haven’t bought yet.

Isn’t that awesome? It’s just like my shirt, only more water resistant. For all these years I’ve been trying to figure out a way to flip off the rain, and now I can. It’s only $45, which may sound like a lot, but have you ever priced a really good umbrella? $45 isn’t so bad.

I think I’ll get one, or maybe a few and then add them to my store. Maybe.

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