Those Who Control Speeding

I’m not going to say I know all the answers, although I’m pretty sure I have a few solutions to things that nobody else has thought of, or at least attempted. However, I do have one thing in mind that continues to bother me and I’d like to know from someone in the know whether I’m on to something or not.

What’s bothering me is, drivers, rather, the rules surrounding driving. Well, drivers bother me on a daily basis, even if I don’t drive a day. I just hate drivers.

However, there’s one rule in particular, or law, that confuses me. It’s the fact that we have to abide by speed limits no matter where we’re driving, but car manufacturer’s, who have to abide by the government’s safety regulations, continue to build everyday cars that can go upwards of double the legally set standards.

If you go somewhere, where there are no speed limit signs, you’re even supposed to know what the speed limit is. Can you remember back to when you were studying to first get your license? I barely do, but I do remember when we had to know what our State set for rural areas, country areas and city areas. By knowing that, it doesn’t matter if the speed limit is posted or not, we’re all supposed to already know.

However, even on our fastest highways around this country, we’re only legally allowed to drive at a certain speed that is well below what most regular cars are now capable of doing.

Every car manufacturer who wants to sell their cars in this country is also bound by this country’s rules. They have to be so safe and they have to run a certain way. If they don’t measure up to the standards set by the government, they aren’t allowed to be sold here.

So if the government wants us to drive a certain speed, and they have the standards written out that every car manufacturer has to go by, why are cars built with top speeds well over a hundred miles per hour?

Can anybody help me with this? I’d really like to know.

I’d also like to know why there’s a little gadget in my car called a governor that keeps my vehicle from driving at its max speed? I can still drive at 100 MPH even though my car can do over that. So if you’re going to put the effort into regulating how fast I can go to keep me more legal, why wouldn’t you stop my car from going over 70 instead? Or 60?

I just don’t understand any of it. I tried looking it up online by doing a search for the only thing I could think of, “stupid shit”, but it went Jedi on me and didn’t return the results I was looking for.

I can’t figure out why the government allows car manufacturer’s to build cars to drive double the legally set speed limit that they themselves mandate. This just goes onto the ever-increasing list of shit I’ll never understand.

2 responses to “Those Who Control Speeding

  1. Well, first of all, if nobody sped they’d never get the revenue from speeding tickets. Secondly, car manufacturers are allowed to make cars that go way over the speed limit (I’m guessing) because there’s no way to prove that they’ll only drive on US highways. Theoretically, if you owned enough property, you could drive as fast as you wanted on it.

  2. Good point. Finally, someone made a bit of sense with this.

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