Blog Update

I stop by my own blog every day to see what’s going on. This isn’t some crazy way to say I’m nuts and I’m expecting there to be an update when I haven’t updated, but I stop by to see how many hits I’ve had and what pages are currently the most viewed.

It’s amazing to me how many hits I’m getting lately, especially for what people are searching for. My movie reviews have been hot lately, and I don’t know why. I mean, I know my reviews are awesome, because I write them. And since they’re of my opinion and my opinion rocks, it all makes sense.

But where are these people coming from? Hey, hey you, where are you coming from?

I’m delighted that I’m getting more views and I thank you all for stopping by. I’m not sure why you continue to come back, but I appreciate it.

I’d like to send a special shout out to a new follower of the blog, Klangspektrum, who has two awesome blogs (one in English and one in German) and a love for Pink Floyd, which I share. Thanks for stopping by Klangspektrum, I’ve checked out your site and loved it. Of course anything Pink Floyd I’ll love.

With that said, thanks for the visits and the support. I’ll try to bitch more in the upcoming days, but things have been slow inside my head lately. But I do have some more horrible movies to watch and review, so at least you viewers have that to look forward to.

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