Call Center Suckage

Some of you may know, I work in a call center. We take orders for people who want to order the products we sell. In some instances we call people, but for the most part they call us. My current problem is with those people who call us.

I had a call today where the guy told me “I don’t want to listen to your spiel, I just want to place this order and go. I got things to do.”

All I wanted to say to him was, “You called me. If you got things to do then do them, don’t call me talking about how much time you got.”

What the fuck is wrong with people? Others complain about the same thing. Another problem we have is people who don’t want to use their credit card over the phone, afraid we’re going to use their card to rack up tons of charges. Well if you don’t want to use your credit card, for one, don’t fucking have a credit card, and two, DON’T FUCKING CALL US.

I just don’t get it. This world is full of idiots, so why do they have to call us? We’re not calling and harassing them, they’re calling us. I swear I’m going to lose my job one day when I’ve had enough of their shit and I go off on one of them. Seriously. I have a limited amount of “deal” that can go around. Once I can’t deal with that shit anymore, the gloves come off.

We also have people who call us to prank us. You see, the number one product we sell is a male enhancement tablet. I won’t say which one, but you can imagine the types of prank calls we get.

Well guess what pranksters, there’s nothing we haven’t heard before, you’re not original. Don’t do it. All you’re doing is wasting my time, but more importantly, your own.

If you’re going to prank call us, at least try to be original and/or funny. My latest prankster started off like the rest of them. He asked questions about the product. I could tell right away he was a prankster because the questions are all the same. “Is it going to give me a giant cock?” Real original dipshit.

Like with all the pranksters, I answer every question perfectly. This guy in particular couldn’t handle that his prank wasn’t working so he became flustered and finally ended the call with “WELL FUCK YOU THEN MOTHER FUCKER!”

Wow, way to lose it like a champ. I could hear his buddies behind him laughing, probably at him for being such a douche. I just shook my head and hung up the call.

You see pranksters, I used to be a juvenile as well and I used to make prank calls. Mine were epic, not used and old. But even then I would have never thought to call a male enhancement order line to make a prank call, because even at 13 years old I knew that had been played. These assholes calling me to prank me have got to be my age, still juveniles though, and are unoriginal.

For the love of God, if you’re reading this and you’re one of these people, do us all a favor and take your own life. You’re obviously not right in the head and you probably have issues that stretch out farther than just calling us with your idiocy. You’re an unproductive member of society and you’re a waste of the flesh you’re printed on. End it all now.

One response to “Call Center Suckage

  1. Idiocy is everywhere. There’s no escaping it. I’ve been trying for years.

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