New GM

In all the years I’ve been writing, one of the things I used to write about for a Professional Wrestling news site, was indeed the sport, or sports entertainment, of Pro Wrestling.

I grew up a fan, watching it as far back as I can remember with my father. On the weekends we would go to his father’s house and we would watch it there with my Grandfather and my Uncles. It was something I was born into.

At 18 I took classes to become a Pro Wrestler, which unfortunately never transpired. More recently for a span of almost 2 years I provided play by play commentary for a local independent Wrestling circuit in Dayton, OH for their TV broadcasts and DVD’s.

Quite frankly, I love Wrestling.

For the last year I haven’t been able to watch Wrestling, and for the most part I really didn’t care to. To be honest, it has sucked since the WWE bought out everything and decided to run a monopoly on the business. Being forced to watch their ever-growing-stale product really pissed me off. With no competition, the product didn’t have to excel and it suffered.

So the good times were scattered amidst a ton of bad times. What to do, what to do. I decided to give TNA a chance and for the longest time they were dominating the WWE, but they decided to hire one of the worst people to ever work in the business to run their show. Goodbye ratings, good product and my viewership.

Recently, I’ve been able to watch Wrestling again so I bypassed TNA at the request of a friend of mine and stuck with old faithful, WWE. I’m glad to be watching Wrestling again, but only as much as I haven’t seen it in a while.

Now that I’m basically caught up again, I’d like to speak on one thing the WWE is now doing, and that is the GM situation.

Basically, Raw has no GM and is using an interim GM named John Laurinaitis and Smackdown still has Teddy Long running things. I’ve never really cared for Teddy Long, and Laurinaitis reminds me too much of JBL to give more than a shit’s worth of interest in him.

Now they’re fighting to see who will not only control one of the two shows, but both as GM. Wrestlemania, which I do hope to view this year, will host a match that will determine the fate of the two shows. Each man gets to pick several of the wrestlers to represent them in this match, and the winning team will give the power to that particular man to run both shows.

Personally, I hope neither wins, but I know that can’t happen. Since there are no other options of who should run the show (and quite frankly the GM is obviously just a gimmick position and I think they should try to run things for a while with no GM in charge of either, but my opinions don’t matter so much) I think that I would rather see Teddy Long running both shows.

Typically, I tend to find the heel the much more entertaining entity in the world of Pro Wrestling, but in this case I think both shows would do so much better with a face GM in charge. Things tend to be more entertaining all the way around when a face GM is in charge. Typically with a heel you get a ton of BS and the world of Pro Wrestling could do with a little less of that right now, but with the WWE, you should expect a ton of it.

For now, I’m happy to be watching Wrestling again, and I may even continue to write about it. I used to love doing it, and think I could continue to love doing it. The only problem with that is, in order to be an efficient writer, I’d have to consume as much as I could, and that would include watching TNA and Ring of Honor, which I just discovered is on TV. Again, quite frankly I could do without TNA and ROH isn’t really happening for me either. Who knows? The writing bug is definitely in me, and this could be the release I need.

With all of that crap out of the way, are any of my readers fans of Pro Wrestling?

2 responses to “New GM

  1. No. I haven’t followed wrestling since the mid-90’s. It’s gone from being wrestling to more of a soap-opera for a male audience. It’s fucking dumb. Vince McMahon ruined everything.

  2. I couldn’t agree more. Too much talking and not enough wrestling. The good thing is, every now and then they have a decent match, and that’s all I really watch it for. I truly enjoy watching wrestlers, who know what they’re doing, putting on a display of their talents. Every now and then the WWE gets lucky and has a really good match, but unfortunately those are too far between.

    Speaking of that, I noticed last week during Raw that they opened the show with a 10-15 minute speaking segment before they even went to a match. And then when they got to the match, they had to take a commercial break during it. Why don’t they run the commercials when people are talking and let me watch the entire fucking match? After all, I AM watching it for the wrestling. I understand most people these days aren’t, especially if they only know about wrestling what the WWE tells them, but still, I know there are wrestling fans out there who care about GOOD WRESTLING. That’s why I miss ECW so much. They had story lines, but it never dominated the wrestling aspect of the show.

    That’s why I’m not into ROH so much. Their wrestling is pretty much spectacular, but the entire rest of the show sucks so much. It’s like modern day wrestling matches filled with 1980’s everything else. And TNA took the best of what they had, their X-Division, and put it on the back burner to do a ton of crap story lines and showcase regular wrestlers who have seen better days.

    I tell ya, it’s a sad sad day for wrestling.

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