Movie Review: Taking Woodstock

I finally got around to watching Taking Woodstock and while I wasn’t really in the mood to watch it, I had nothing better to do so I gave it a shot.

Since I wasn’t really in the mood to watch it I felt that the beginning of the movie was sort of slow. It was good, and it’s telling the “true” back story to how Woodstock got on its feet and it’s pretty informative and it is interesting to see how it all took place. But as I said, I wasn’t in the mood for this movie at this time, so it seemed slow to me.

I was watching it on the USA Network, so I was catching the TV version of the movie, although I was getting the gist of everything, and that’s all TV versions of movies are, aren’t they? The “gist” of the real thing.

Anyway, the movie tells the story of how the music concert phenomenon Woodstock came to be, but more so, the story of the guy who caused it.

It’s an interesting movie and one I would recommend if you’re interested in Woodstock at all. Otherwise, you might want to pass it.

I give this movie 5 of 10 stars.

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