Can I Get A Smoke?

I was just at the gas station getting gas and while I was paying I also got two packs of cigarettes. The man behind me asked if he could get a smoke from me cause he was spending his last five dollars on gas. I underlined that so you could insert whatever story you’ve heard. He continued on his story that he had to go to Drake (a hospital just up the road) and blah blah blah. I didn’t care, but I did give him a couple of cigarettes.

I made my way back to my car and began pumping gas. That man paid for his gas and made his way back to the car he was getting gas for, which happened to be just on the other side of the pump from me. The guy he was with then leaned around the pump, looked at me and asked me for a fucking cigarette.

And he had one stuck behind his ear.

Yes, this dumbass asked to have a cigarette, asked for charity, when he had a cigarette stuck behind his ear for future consumption. The first guy then said to him quietly “he already gave me some cigarettes” and the second guy said to me “oh, never mind.”

That would be like some homeless man on the street begging you for spare change while holding a hundred dollar bill.

What a bunch of fucks. Do I feel taken advantage of? Heh, every single day.

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