Album Review: Airbourne – Runnin’ Wild

I first heard of this band while playing NHL ’09 with their song “Runnin’ Wild” and I really enjoyed it, even though they quite obviously sound like they’re trying to sound just like AC/DC. However, the more I listened to that one song on the game, the more I liked it. Eventually I’d wish I could hear more, so just now I picked up their debut album “Runnin’ Wild” and am giving it a listen.

The album starts with “Stand Up For Rock ‘n Roll” and it does what it’s meant to do. It gets the album started on a high note with a fast, balls to the wall, solid, driving rock tune. And guitar solos! A rock band with guitar solos!

I know what I’m in for, and it’s an AC/DC-esque rock album. If you can successfully pull of AC/DC, then you should be successfully pulling off good rock ‘n roll. Airbourne pulls off good rock ‘n roll. It’s kind of like getting a fresh dose of AC/DC. I’m not mad at that.

The next song is the title track, the one I heard so many times on NHL ’09, which for the record also produced another favorite band of mine, Black Tide. The game’s soundtrack rocks. Anyway, it’s nice to finally hear “Runnin’ Wild” all the way through. Good tune.

The third track comes on and once again I’m in for a driving rock tune. Listening to these guys makes me happy for rock ‘n roll. This is basic, down and dirty rock and that’s what I like.

A song that got me pumped up was “Blackjack”. Another fast and driving song. Good stuff.

“Cheap Wine” was another song that I really got into. It had a real nice funky riff that kept my attention away from writing.

The last song on the album, “Let’s Ride” is another fast driving song that helps to finish the album on a high note.

Now that it’s over, I’m glad I finally listened to it. It’s nice to hear some new rock that I can get into. Hopefully the fact that they sound just like AC/DC doesn’t eventually get on my nerves, but so far so good. I’ll give this album 6.5 out of 10. Check it out. Now I’m off to get their follow up, No Guts. No Glory. to give it a listen to.

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