5 Roles Allen Covert Played (That You Probably Don’t Know)

A simple look on IMDB will show you what roles any actor has played in, and Allen Covert is no different.

From Grandma's Boy

Typically, Allen is a co-star for the widely popular and hugely successful Adam Sandler, although he’s done his own good in movies he’s written and acted in, such as Grandma’s Boy and Strange Wilderness.

He’s a mainstay in the Happy Madison Produced movies and you’re sure to recognize him in each. However, here’s a list of other things he’s done that you might not know, regardless if you’ve seen the movies or not.

5. Roseanne

Sure it was only one episode, but this is only the second thing he’s listed as being in on IMDB, with his only acting credit before that being in Adam Sandler’s first movie, Going Overboard. Let’s not forget that George Clooney starred on Roseanne for quite a while. The show made stars, is what I’m saying.

4. Airheads

Remember that Steve Buscemi, Brendan Fraser, Adam Sandler movie about a rock band who locks themselves in a radio station until they play the band’s tracks? Covert was in this one as well as one of the cops.

3. Happy Gilmore

Of course you’re thinking “well, it’s a Sandler movie, of course he’s in it” and you would be correct. But do you know where? As it turns out, Covert was Sandler’s windshield cleaner/caddy. He’s got the big beard that he washes in the pond, and he suggests that there’s a slight angle on the ground when he’s missing a shoe…

2. Bullet Proof

A movie with Damon Wayans and yet again Adam Sandler. Sure, Covert made an appearance as Detective Jones.

1. Late Last Night

A personal favorite of mine, Late Last Night is a movie starring Emilio Estevez and Steven Weber about those two who go out for a night on the town to get over Estevez’s recent split with his wife. Estevez goes to a party with Weber at one point, where he runs into Covert doing drugs and partying like everyone else. It would seem that Covert was preparing for Grandma’s Boy early.

L to R - Weber, Estevez, Covert

I’m a fan of Covert, obviously, or I wouldn’t have written a blog post about him. I think he should definitely star in more movies, although he’s great at what he does best, and that is co-star in some very memorable roles.

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