Super Bowl Suckage

Like most of the world I just finished watching the Super Bowl and much to my dismay I had to endure a painful halftime show, as if MTV were sponsoring it again.

This year Madonna, a woman I instantly think about when thinking about American football, went on stage to sing a bunch of her hits, and a few guest stars came to help her sing. One of which was Cee Lo Green.

Son of a bitch, there he is AGAIN. I can’t get away from this jack off. What do I have to do to rid my life of this guy?

The worst was yet to come. After the game, The Voice came on and THERE HE FUCKING WAS AGAIN.

If TV can’t figure out a way to get rid of Cee Lo, I might have to find a way to get rid of TV.

One response to “Super Bowl Suckage

  1. What a horrible experience that was. Madonna sucks.

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