Food Review: Fricker’s

I haven’t done one of these in a long time, although I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately. I used to have a food review blog for local eateries but I gave it up due to financial downtrodden (I couldn’t afford to eat out (heh)).

Tonight my wife and I stopped at our local Fricker’s, a sports bar that we’ve been going to for a long time. Well, I have, but she’s fairly new at it.

Her food came out fine, but for some reason nothing went well for me.

For starters, our server Nicole asked us if we wanted any drinks, took the order and went off to get it. I looked at my wife and said “we could have ordered our appetizers” and my wife said what I normally think. “She didn’t ask us if we wanted to order any.” No kidding, she DIDN’T, did she?

She came back with our drinks and then took our appetizer orders. As we were ordering those I tasted my drink and it tasted watered down and I mentioned it. Nicole said, “it does?” and I said “yes”. She then didn’t offer to get me a new one or anything. I drank it, it was fine.

Our appetizers came and they were tasty and fine, no problems there. I got deep fried veggies because I’m trying to eat healthier. They were yummy, especially dipped in ranch. My wife got deep fried cheese and that was good as well. Little balls of cheddar deep fried until they’re insanely delicious.

Then our food came out. I ordered their brew fries with shredded cheese on them. They came out with nacho cheese on them, a cheese I’m not very fond of. Nicole told me the cooks made it wrong and she thought she would ask me first considering they’re really busy and it would take a while before I’d get another batch, so again I said it was fine. I wound up only eating a few of them while my wife swapped hers for mine and put a dent on them. Her fries, of course, didn’t get eaten and mine only half ate.

She got me one refill and that was fine, since I didn’t need a second refill, but again it was watered down.

We got our check and paid. She didn’t offer to get us a box for our mass of uneaten fries, so we didn’t ask for one. On our check my fries were listed as “cheese fries”, which of course means a bowl full of fries with nacho cheese on them. She didn’t put anywhere on the ticket that I wanted shredded cheese. So the cooks didn’t mess up, she did.

It doesn’t take much to keep me from going to a place, and typically I overlook the hefty price tag of eating at Fricker’s because I’ve been going there for years and I typically enjoy my experience, but for watered down soda and nacho cheese, I won’t be going back any time soon.

Fricker’s NCH
Service: 3
Food: 4
Overall: 3 1/2 out of 5

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4 responses to “Food Review: Fricker’s

  1. Never heard of it…

  2. Yeah, I thought they were only in NCH and Middletown, but it turns out they have them in Indiana and Michigan too, as well as a bunch of other cities in Ohio. None in Kentucky though. Don’t go out of your way to eat at one, is all I’m saying. The food all around isn’t bad, but it’s nothing to write home about. If you got a BW’s go there.

  3. Emily Maley Dawson

    Last few times I’ve been there the service has been HORRIBLE and the food took forever!!!! I used to eat there at least once a week so I guess maybe my standards are set a lil high cuz I know what they can do. I agree , Frickers used to be amazing and lately not so much. But like you I eat there anyways

  4. Yeah, exactly. The food takes forever and it’s not really worth the wait. I’m not eating there anymore. It sucks, cause I used to love hanging out there, but their quality has gone completely downhill.

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