Movie Review: Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Otherwise known as, Forgetting Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

Jesus, I wish I could. What a waste of time that movie was. And a big waste, considering the movie seemed to last forever but it went nowhere. The end of the movie was abrupt, even though I was begging for it to happen. The comedy focused around a ton of bad sex jokes.

The movie stars Jason Segel, whom I find not funny at all, especially on How I Met Your Mother, which is a hit or miss show for me anyway. His only decent role was in Dead Man On Campus.

Kristen Bell, whom I’m not entirely sure who she is. She’s hot, but she shows off nothing good in the movie, so her presence was wasted. She also plays Sarah Marshall in Get Him To The Greek, which is a movie I will now not watch at all, which I never wanted to to begin with but now especially so, considering it seems to be just a sequel to this posts namesake.

Mila Kunis, who did a great job in the movie and showed off her tits, which was nice to see.

Russell Brand, who was funny in the movie and was possibly the only saving grace of it, aside from Mila.

Jonah Hill, who is a hit or miss actor but one that I do like, just not in this.

And finally, among others of course, Maria Thayer who is a hottie but showed no skin. She played a newlywed and was one of the funnier parts of the movie with her in-movie husband who had no idea how to have sex, which was about the only sex jokes the movie had that was worth laughing at.

The movie, as I said, sucked. In a nutshell, Peter (Segel) is dating Sarah Marshall (Bell) and they break up. He spends the entire movie trying to forget about her but can’t. He goes on a trip to Hawaii and runs into her there with her new boyfriend (Brand) which only hurts him more. Then he goes on a date with the front desk girl (Kunis) and falls for her, but then ruins it by slightly messing around with Sarah again but then in the end he gets the new girl (Kunis).

It’s a bad take on a chick flick that men can watch. I was told it was a men’s movie that women can watch, but it’s not, it’s a love story all the way around that has, again, a ton of bad dick jokes.

Also, you see more of Segel’s cock in it than needs to be shown, more than you see of any naked woman. Seeing Kunis’ tits is a nice gesture, but it doesn’t overplay the use of Segel’s cock, which for some reason the film makers decided needed to be seen numerous times, including at the end of the movie just when you think it’s safe.

Don’t watch this movie at all. I give it 2 out of 5 stars, one for each of Mila’s tits.

2 responses to “Movie Review: Forgetting Sarah Marshall

  1. Dick jokes? Did you pay attention to the movie? That’s not all it was. This movie is fucking hilarious and I would bet you money those aren’t Mila’s tits.

    This movie is the only thing Jason Segal is funny in. He really isn’t all that funny in How I Met Your Mother, and absolutely blows in I Love You Man. It’s like the only thing you noticed in this movie were naked body parts.

    You didn’t even mention Paul Rudd, who was also pretty funny in this movie.

  2. Yes, I paid attention to the entire movie, and it was nothing but dick and sex jokes. Bad ones at that. And regardless if they’re her tits or not, they’re still nice to look at. If this is the only thing Segel is funny in, then I’m correct in thinking he’s not funny. This movie was not up my alley at all. But you’re free to like it all you want. That doesn’t mean I have to though.

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