Just Being Honest

Now that I’ve cooled down over that commercial incident (which I could still fucking go on) I’ve decided to write some honesty. No more of the bullshit bitching and screaming at things that I will never be able to change.

There is one thing I can change and I would like to, if I may. I fought with myself over writing this for a split second and then my better judgment kicked my ass and here I am.

The other day when I posted about how much commercials are pissing me off, I noticed something that I hadn’t previously noticed. I have three followers of this blog and one of them was a surprise.

You see, a while back, last year actually, a friend of mine and I, rather, maybe she’s an acquaintance, we’ve actually never met, but whatever, I’m rambling, we got into an internet fight and we both left in a bad way from it.

I can’t say that I’m still not hurt over what happened, I think I was given a raw deal, but I do know that I was wrong, I lost the argument or debate, however you want to see it, as well as a few hits on my dignity and my pride and I was a little peeved by it. However, I’m used to it because I’ve been arguing with women all my life. I know what to expect from it. A man never wins.

Anyway, after the debate went down on her blog, it escalated to Facebook, where I was subsequently removed from her friends list because I cursed in a comment on her post and she doesn’t go for that. Before I could apologize to her for the argument she deleted me, so she never really got that message. Never mind that I didn’t know I couldn’t curse in a comment on one of her posts and am pretty sure I had done so before with no warning. So how was I supposed to know?

In any case, I discovered that she’s following my blog, so I know she’ll read this, maybe. I’m not sure why she’d want to read the shit on this blog, considering I curse like a sailor and apparently she doesn’t like that, but then again I’ve never been able to understand women anyway.

But, I want her to know that I am sorry for what happened and I hope all can be forgiven. If not, I understand. And I’ll only pretend to know why you’ve decided to follow my blog after all of that. I won’t ask and I don’t want you to tell me. It’s only for the best that I don’t know.

With that said, finally, I hope everyone a good new year, I’m planning a big one myself, and I look forward to what the year will bring to me. I hope you’re all feeling the same. Seriously.

I think all of this non-drinking of the alcohol is starting to really have adverse effects on me.

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