Frisch’s Dinner

Tonight my wife and I dined at our local Frisch’s restaurant. Some of you around the country might know this place as Big Boy. Anyway, surprisingly, dinner rocked hard. Typically we like eating there occasionally, but the food isn’t always THIS good.

My wife ordered breakfast for dinner and the eggs came out better than she ordered them. I ordered a Philly cheese steak sandwich with a side of sweet potato fries. The sweet potato fries were the best I’d ever had, and I’m a fan of all of the ones I’ve had. The sandwich was the best they’ve ever made for me. I asked for the addition of mushrooms and not only did they sauté mushrooms and put them on the sandwich for me, the extra ones they had came out on a separate plate, juice and all. Extra yum.

The sandwich had that melty cheese all over it, so much so that like a good Philly, the cheese liquefied and soaked into the bun, mixing with the juice from the mushrooms (which I piled onto the sandwich) and the mayo. Damn was that tasty.

You see, I enjoyed the Philly because I’m a fan of them. I know there are some people who don’t enjoy it, and that’s fine because not everything in this world is for everyone, aside from oxygen and water. But I like it, so I enjoyed it. I do find it funny how someone who is supposed to love meat so much can talk about how much a steak sandwich sucks. Oh well, I guess even someone who claims to know only the correct in everything can be wrong from time to time, right?

Although I will say, if I ever had someone try to put that nacho cheese or that spray can bullshit on my Philly, I’d beat the shit out of them. Cheese is meant to be melted and gooey when it’s hot, not when it’s in its natural state.

I can do nacho cheese every blue moon, but even to be as big of a fan of cheese as I am, I really don’t like it. Unless it’s in macaroni and cheese, and then it’s fine. But there has to be formerly solid cheese in it as well to be good anyway.

I should also like to say, ironically enough, that you shouldn’t beat around the bush while calling somebody out.

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