Put Another On The List

Since creating this here blog I’ve occasionally said that a woman is on the hot-chicks-I’d-totally-bang-hard list. I’ve also posted 101 posts, this being 101, meaning the last and 100th post was nothing more than cooking instructions from a Mac n Cheese box. I’ve accomplished so much.

Well today, I’ve decided to add another chick to that list and this one is not really surprising, just unknown for so long. And you might think it’s disgusting.

Tonight my wife and I watched the 1991 hit Peter Pan film Hook. In that movie I noticed someone that is surprisingly hot. You are now instantly thinking about the movie and wondering who I could mean.

I’ve got to be talking about Julia Roberts, right? As Tinkerbell? Damn she looked good, right? Hell yeah bitch!

Who doesn’t love a tall leggy woman in a very short skirt with pointy ears and wings?

But no, that’s not who I mean. Could I be talking about Caroline Goodall who played the mom, Moira?

Yes, sexy for sure, nice accent. But no, I’m not talking about her. Well then it couldn’t be Maggie Smith, the lady who played Grandma Wendy?

No, it’s not her, but she is Professor McGonagall from the Harry Potter flicks. Don’t laugh and think she’s automatically out of the running. Maybe I should show you another picture of her.

Yeah, do-able.

No, I’m not talking about her or the list of younger girls who played the various ages of her, which were all do-able as well. I’m not even talking about Laurel Cronin who played the housekeeper.

Now you might be getting a little suspicious. There’s only one left really, and that’s Maggie, the daughter who sang that tune in the movie that was up for an Academy Award. And then, you’d be right.

That’s right, I’m ultra sick, right? PERV! Ew, that’s disgusting!

Yeah, here’s a picture of her now.

Take 2.

That’s Amanda Scott, the girl who played Maggie. She’s looking mighty fine now, isn’t she? Only, there’s very little known about her since Hook was one of two movies she ever did, with the second movie coming out in 1995. Hook came out in 1991.

She attended college and was in a house or some shit, which if you look up info on her that’s all you’re going to get anywhere you go.

No matter, she’s on the list. And I’m sure she’d be proud to know that. After all, this should be the biggest thing her career has ever gotten her.

2 responses to “Put Another On The List

  1. She looks mad in those pictures. Especially the first one…

  2. Yeah, she really does. I didn’t notice that before. Funny.

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