Race Mixing Rules!

For once, the title of my blog isn’t sarcastic. I love race mixing. I feel like if we could mix all of the races together, eventually we’d have a one-race planet, and then finally, once and for all, racism would be no more.

Ah, if only. Instead, we live in the here and now and we have to deal with bullshit like this.

That link will take you to a story on ABC’s website about a church in Kentucky who recently said all interracial couples had no place in their church. Because of an outrage by the masses, they’ve recently overturned that ruling and now allow interracial couples in their church.

Naturally, they only did this because of all of the heat they got for their original ruling. So now I suppose all of their congregation is supposed to continue to follow their word, even though they’re now flip-floppers. Way to stand by your true feelings, you racist bigot fucks.

When this story came out, Twindaddy over at the Stuph Blog wrote a piece on it.

A couple of days later, he wrote another piece about how someone linked to the blog I just linked to and used it as proof that we’re all going to hell, or some such shit, because the douche who posted it is totally FOR the ban.

This guy is a total ass. He believes in nothing more than white supremacy. And as we all know, racists are dumbasses.

Here’s a link to this douchebag’s article on his blog. You might even get a chance to read my comment on his site, which I’ll also include here in case the bigot fuck deletes it.

You’ve got to be the biggest blubbering vagina I’ve ever seen, aside from your mentor Bill O’Reilly. It’s the hate filled bigot assholes like you that are ruining this country and this planet. You’re supposed to love thy neighbor, not hate them, you racist fuck. I hope your children get cancer and die at a young age and you live forever to deal with the heartbreak that your daughter died of cancer before she could give birth to a mixed baby. I hope your mother burned her vagina closed after she had you, you fucking dipshit.

Why did I feel the need to just completely go off and not really contribute anything worthwhile to the cause of eliminating this guy’s bullshit? Because it’s been done and I felt like being an ass, since this guy clearly also believes in being an ass. That and, Twindaddy was banned from the blog and asked his readers nicely to go forth and create a ruckus.

So now I ask you to do the same, although I think Twindaddy is the only person who reads this. GO FORTH YON READERS! HATE ON THIS HATE MONGER!

Proof that Bill O’Reilly is a big blubbering vagina.

5 responses to “Race Mixing Rules!

  1. Hahaha! That dude is a douchekite.

  2. Your comment is still there…

  3. Douchekite. Classic. You know what cracks me up more than my comment? The pingback from my blog that posted to his.

  4. Yeah, mine didn’t. I’m devastated. Truly devastated.

  5. I understand.

    I just tried to post again because I noticed his site only blocks the word fuck, so I was going to go on a tirade of cussing without using that word, but I’m blocked lol. He didn’t even bother telling me.

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