Movie Review: Wrong Turn Series (spoilers)

I just finished watching the entire Wrong Turn series, all four movies, and I have just a couple of things I’d like to say.

First of all, for those of you who don’t know, the movies are about a twisted backwoods family of inbreds who live in the woods of West Virginia and they kill and eat people. They’re all deformed because of inbreeding and they can’t speak, only using grunts.

They are very skilled hunters, though, and they typically get what they want. Also, they can’t be hurt too easily. Because of inbreeding, or whatever the reason, they have a very VERY high threshold for pain. In one of the movies, they said that a paper mill had shut down and all of their toxic chemical waste was accidentally spilled into the water and the family wound up contaminated by it and that helped to deform them.

Before watching them all, I had never seen any of them. My wife had seen the first and refused to watch it with me, saying it was too disgusting. At one point she said they all (the victims) die. By the time I got to the end of the movie I was highly upset. Not only do two of the victims survive, but it wasn’t all that disgusting.

I listened to the hype, and the hype ruined the movie for me. Not only that, but I really didn’t get into it all that much. It seemed like another blatant ripoff of Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Some cannibal freaks of nature kill and eat the victims who get lost in the woods while driving through unfamiliar territory. That sounds exactly like Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

But I digress, when the movie was over I was a little pissed because it didn’t even feel like the ending. It just sort of ends. That sucked.

Overall, I was pissed at the movie. It wasn’t that disgusting, it wasn’t that disturbing, and not enough people die in it. I’d give the first movie a two out of five. I’d like to give it more, but I can’t cause I just can’t.

Reluctantly, I watched the second one. Woah! What the hell happened here? The second movie dominated! I was really impressed with that one, more people die, Henry Rollins is in it and he’s a total badass, which is common knowledge anyway and we finally get to see some boobs. We also get our first sex scene of the series, but it’s not all that impressive. It’s between two of the deformed people.

I almost didn’t watch the second movie because it started out the exact same way as the first started. In the first, a rich guy is driving through WV in a Mustang. In the beginning of the second a rich woman is driving through WV in a Mustang. I almost turned it off there. But then she gets horribly slaughtered and my attention was grabbed.

Due to awesome deaths and Henry Rollins, the second movie gets a four star rating out of five. Nice.

And then I watched the third movie with high hopes. If there was that much of an increase in awesomeness from the first to the second, then the third should completely dominate. It did. The third movie was better than the second. Even more death, more gore, more disgusting shit and more creative deaths. So awesome. It also gets a four, and there was very little holding it back from getting a five.

That brought me to the fourth and last of the series, so far, Bloody Beginnings. It’s a prequel that not only shows what isn’t actually the beginning of the family, but a major part of their story which takes place in 1973 (I think), but also some events that happened in 2003, a year before the first movie took place. Side note, I read that should there be a part 5, it will also be a prequel, which I’m fine with.

I love prequels to horror movies. Typically they’re all great, and you can count on two things. Everybody dies. Everybody. The second is, the killer or killers win completely, otherwise how would the first movie have been made? The Texas Chainsaw Massacre prequel completely rocked as did the end of the movie.

Just like with that, the prequel to Wrong Turn dominated. Everybody died, the psycho inbred family all live and carry on their crazy eatin-people ways, and you get quite a few more beautifully creative deaths.

Probably my favorite is the doctor at the beginning of the movie with his hands and legs tied up in barbed wire and then he’s pulled apart piece by piece. Oh man, I love it.

The best is the ending, which is a candidate for best ending to a horror movie ever. The last two victims are getting away. They’re happy, they survived the crazy family and they’re in the home stretch. And then… BLAM! Decapitated. Both of them, at the same time. So awesome. Sorry to ruin the end for you, but it was so worth mentioning.

Oh, but there’s more. We finally get our first REAL sex scene in the fourth movie, and not just one. We get three awesome sex scenes, two of which are between two chicks! Boobs galore! It’s such a shame they had to die. Well, not really.

There was also a scene when a guy gets caught and tied up to a table with barbed wire. The deranged family really likes barbed wire. Then, while the man is still alive, they cut off slivers of his skin from various parts of his body, deep fry them and then eat them in front of him. I was eating a bag of pork rinds when this scene was taking place and had to put it aside. Seriously. Disgusting.

I have to give the fourth movie a five star rating out of five. I don’t normally do that because no movie is that good, but this movie was.

There are very little film series’ that exponentially get better from the first movie to the last, but this series does, and for that, I have to give the entire series a four out of five stars. Totally awesome stuff.

If there’s one thing I really enjoy in good horror movies, it’s really creative deaths. The Sleepaway Camp series had those, which is why it’s one of my favorite horror series’ of all time. Just like that, the Wrong Turn series is now one of my favorites as well, with no help from the first movie. Creative deaths, some disgusting scenes that turned even my stomach, and a couple nice boob shots just for good measure. Definitely check out the series if you haven’t already.

8 responses to “Movie Review: Wrong Turn Series (spoilers)

  1. When did the chemical spill happen? Before the mental hospital I should hope… Is the old part two the daddy, grand daddy, or great gran daddy? He says thirty years ago the mill shuts down butt in four the mental hospital is thirty years. I need answers.

  2. Hey Mark, honestly I’m not sure. I do plan on watching them all again, only in order with the fourth being first, so if I figure it out I’ll let you know.

    I can only speculate and say that either they did encounter the chemical crap before the mental hospital, obviously because they’re all deformed and they aren’t hurt easily.

    As for what the man says, that doesn’t make sense at all, I agree. He seems to be old enough to be the original father, though, so I’m guessing he’s the dad, because he mentions in the second movie the three regular psycho killers were his kids. Then again, old people can call their grandchildren their kids and get away with it, so… I don’t know lol.

    I’ll check out the movies again and get back to you. Thanks for checking the blog out, I hope to see you again.

  3. Them and the writers. They should have done at least a day’s worth of studying before writing the script. All they had to do was watch the movies.

    I tried to play it off as the “thirty years” was more like closer to 40, but even still, when they’re in the hospital they’re older than 10 years old, and they’re already deformed, so I think it’s just a case of, like you said, contradiction.

    • That sucks. The idea is awesome, maybe they can tie it all together with the next one. I wish rob zombie would do one…

  4. The idea is awesome and they’ve already said if there’s a fifth it’s going to be a prequel as well, taking place I guess sometime after the beginning of the fourth but before the end of the fourth. That would be a great time to make everything make sense. Rob Zombie doing one would rock. Just to see another though would be awesome.

    And you know what I’ve been thinking, there’s a ton of this in movies. It’s really a shame that they can’t just keep it all together. I mean, how hard would it have been to not have these contradictions in just this series? It’s not like it would have ruined anything that they did. Just make sense already.

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