They Got Me

Right down the road from my house is a Kroger Gas Station. Recently, for about a month’s time, their price for regular unleaded didn’t move at all and stayed constant at $3.14 a gallon. Everybody else all over was $3.29 or higher, so this gas station was backed up all the time.

Finally, they moved their prices, eventually getting them down to $2.98 a gallon. I needed gas and since I noticed everybody else around me was low, I decided to get gas the following day, yesterday. When I pulled in to their lot, the price had jumped up to $3.29.

That’s an increase of 31 cents per gallon in one day. Typical, right? Of course.

It pissed me off, but I filled my tank and went on my happy way. And then I drive by there today. For a gallon of regular unleaded, the price is now $2.97 a gallon.

Really? What the fuck is that bullshit? It goes up 31 cents one day and the very fucking next day it drops 32 cents? That is some seriously fucked up bullshit.

I’ve got my eye on them now, and if they pull that shit one more time, I’m fucking done spending all of my gas money at their place. Fuck them and their unsure prices. That’s the kind of shit that deserves an explanation and an apology in the local paper.

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