Crappy News

I just got the news today that my liver is pissed off at me and I have to please it so that it won’t kill me.

I had blood work done recently to see if I could handle taking a new medication. During that test, they also tested different things, like if I’m diabetic, which I’m not, and how my cholesterol was looking. So I took the test and got my results today.

My liver is pissed off because of how much I drink. Once I heard the news, that my liver was on its way out, I made up my mind right then and there, with the only real conclusion that there could be. I have to stop drinking.

So, after one more final hurrah, I’ll be calling it quits on alcohol. I’m not happy about it, it really does suck, especially since a few years ago I told someone that if a doctor ever told me I would have to stop drinking or I would die, I’d go buy a case of beer and write out my will.

But times are different now. I’m married and really, I have a lot of living left to do. I will miss beer, I miss it already, but it’s what I have to do.

So, no more Drunk Man Vs Food, no more Drunken Rants here, no more alcohol… ugh… being human sucks sometimes.

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