Here It Is

I did it. This month of November I had decided to take the NaNoWriMo challenge and write a 50,000 word novel from the beginning of the month to the end, and with a week left, I had it done. I finished at 53,608 words.

That’s my fancy schmancy badge of honor. I like it, it shows that I accomplished my goal, and early.

My next steps are to edit the novel and get it into the hands of my beta readers who are going to give me their thoughts on the book. I’ll take their thoughts into consideration and make the appropriate changes and then, I’ll shop around for an agent.

The book is titled Hand One Is Dealt and it’s about a microbe that travels to this planet from parts unknown (that same place that a lot of crazy pro wrestlers were from, back in the 80’s). It infects insects which in turn infects animals and humans. The infected animals also turn on the humans. Humans die right away from the infection, while the animals and insects take a while longer to die. Once it’s their time, the insects and animals all die at once.

What happens after? You’ll have to buy a copy when it’s published to find out.

Or be a beta reader, but I’ve already got them picked out. Anyway, congratulations to me. I’m awesome. And so is my book.

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