Movie Review: Hoodwinked

I had never heard of this movie until I was at Wal-mart one night with my wife and I was looking through their box of $5 DVD’s. It looked cool, and it had a pretty good cast. Since the box said it was the funniest movie since Shrek, I figured I’d test that.

While Shrek seemed to be more of an adult comedy that was safe enough for kids to watch, Hoodwinked seemed to be a kid comedy that was funny enough for adults to watch.

The animation, while done all on computer, was decent but not up to par with a Shrek or various other recent hit cartoon movies that are CG, but it was good. From Wikipedia: “Knowing that they couldn’t match the quality of other CG animated movies (such as ones produced by Pixar), the film was instead designed to imitate the look of classic stop motion animated movies. On the DVD commentary, they cite the Rankin-Bass stop motion films as a source of inspiration for the movie’s look.”

The writing was really good and the story was wrapped around itself so well that it appeared the writers spent a lot of time on it, making sure everything fit together.

It’s a story, of Red Riding Hood of course, and all of the other famous fairy tale creatures living together in a forest. Someone has been stealing tasty dessert recipes from everybody and Red’s grandmother is the last one left that has yet to be robbed.

The first half of the movie is about the police investigating Red’s grandmother’s house after the basic Red Riding Hood story of the wolf dressed up like the grandma fooling Red. You hear each side of the story, of course played out, by Red Riding Hood (Anne Hathaway), her grandmother, Grandma Puckett (Glenn Close), the Big Bad Wolf (played hysterically by Patrick Warburton) and the Woodsman (Jim Belushi). The rest of the movie is done after the investigation to figure out who the Recipe Bandit is.

Other voices include the lead investigator, a frog named Detective Flippers (David Ogden Stiers, Charles Winchester III on MASH), Detective Stork (Anthony Anderson), Chief Grizzly (Xzibit), and a few good others.

The funniest characters in the movie are the squirrel sidekick to the wolf named Twitchy (Cory Edwards) and Japeth the Goat (Benjy Gaither). The Goat dominated the laughs in the movie and he was only in a small bit of it, so he wasn’t overused, although I could have enjoyed him for a few more minutes.

Originally I thought I knew who the bandit would wind up being, but I was wrong, although it wasn’t hard to figure out the real bandit once the stories of what happened were over.

All in all, a great movie and I would highly recommend it. While looking up info on it for this review I discovered there’s a sequel, Hoodwinked Too: Hood Vs Evil, which I’ll have to see, although it got mostly bad reviews. I actually hoped at the end of the first that there would be a sequel, so this was good news to me.

4 of 5 stars

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