Fail Blog Sucks

As most of you four readers should know, I’ve been taking some pictures of some pretty awesome fails and posting them to Fail Blog. Every now and then I’ll go back to the site to have a look around and to see how my submissions are going.

So far, none that I have posted have made it to the main site. I understand, they probably get millions of submissions a day, but then I look at the shit they’re putting on the site and realize that almost every one of my submissions is better than the shit they post on their main page.

I’m not trying to say I’m awesome and everybody else sucks. This is a serious observation. My pictures are pretty damned good and I see some of the crap on their site and wonder how mine slipped past them.

Never mind that, recently I submitted a new picture. I was with my wife at a local cheap goods store called Deals and saw a hand held video game system that comes preloaded with 120 games on it for $25. I considered it for a minute. But I looked at the box to see a list of the games, or just some of the games that comes preloaded to make sure $25 was worth the purchase and there’s no list of games anywhere. I even opened the box and pulled out the manual for the game and it didn’t have a list of games on it. So, no buy.

But while I was looking at the package I noticed something and had to take a picture of it.

The images are STIMULATED. Awesome. Come to think of it, they did look pretty horny. It wasn’t until I got home and uploaded the picture to my computer that I noticed the PORDUCT color varied. Wow, two horrible fails for one low price.

So I go to Fail Blog to upload the picture to their site and they’ve changed how it works. You used to be able to put the FAIL on the picture after uploading via their site. Now you can’t do it, at least I couldn’t do it with that picture. And, they made their own title for the picture, which they’ve never done before. I’ve always been able to make my own title for it.

You’ll notice there’s no giant FAIL pasted on that picture anywhere, yet that is the picture they now have on their site. Because they’ve changed things, apparently, and it sucks.

So what does this mean? It means I have yet another great picture that won’t be published on their site. Of all the pictures I’ve uploaded to their site, the only one that really sucked on my part (since the fail wasn’t obvious and really only in my mind) is the only one that got more than two votes, and the picture was shot down. Go figure. Where the fuck are all of those viewers on my other, awesome shit?

Never mind that the site takes forever to load because they have a ton of unnecessary shit on their site. I’m usually half way down the page looking at stuff by the time the site catches up and then what I’m looking at is moved somewhere else because of all of the new shit above it loading and I have to search for where I left off. This is not ease of use. If I want to use their site, I have to go to it, and then leave the computer for five minutes to use the bathroom or go get groceries or something and then come back later when it’s fully loaded.

I completely stopped watching videos on the site because of the fucking advertisements before each video. I get enough of that shit on TV, I don’t need a 30 second commercial when watching a 10 second video of some idiot bouncing wrong on a trampoline.

So I say FUCK Fail Blog. I’m done with their bullshit. They don’t know great fails like they claim to. And in case you’ve never noticed, I’ve included all of my fail blog submissions on the LOLZ page above.

One response to “Fail Blog Sucks

  1. Yeah, FAIL Blog gets on my nerves, too, for all the reasons you mentioned. I don’t watch the videos any longer, and never really did. It’s stupid that the commercials are longer than the fucking videos.

    I occasionally still see something pretty funny on there, but I don’t check it as religiously as I used to.

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