Dumb Asses FTW

I hate it. I can’t express the level of hate I have for this fucking trend going on now where EVERYTHING has to be turned into initials. It’s pissing me off, really. It’s ruining my life in a way that it shouldn’t. The one that is really getting under my skin like one of those flesh eating scarabs from The Mummy, is FTW.

Brendan Frasier is about to cut out FTW from this guy's arm.

I know that in this day and age nobody gives a fuck about how things used to be, as long as it’s popular to ruin it. Movie and TV remakes, song remakes, the list goes on and on. Of course that includes what certain things mean. If society says it doesn’t mean what it used to, then it must be okay, right?

Here’s another picture of the origin of FTW.

That is a belt made for former ECW wrestler Taz. This is from the late 90s and the FTW on it stands for “Fuck The World”. He was the Fuck The World Champion, because much like myself, he fucking hated the world.

Now when I’m on Facebook, which I’m VERY fucking close to being completely done with, I see FTW all the time. Of course, me being the person that I am who takes things how they’re SUPPOSED to be fucking viewed, constantly reads it as Fuck The World.

This of course leads me to be completely puzzled most of the time, because it doesn’t fit the context in most cases. And then one day somebody tells me that it means “For The Win”.

For the win? What are you winning? What are the prize options? I didn’t even know there was a contest going on. For the win… Jesus that’s so fucking ignorant, just like this whole debacle.

I’m going to start putting “Sieg Heil” after everything I type. And when people get offended I’ll just say “No, that’s not what it means anymore, because I changed it. It now means “poprocks are cool”. And then I might just throw in FTW at the end for good measure, because by tomorrow, it will probably stand for “Fucking Taiwanese Women” or something else that doesn’t have a thing to do with the ORIGIN of it.

Maybe I’ll just finish everything I write with “Nigger”. When people get pissed I’ll say I’ve changed it and it doesn’t stand for being an ignorant racist piece of shit anymore, it means “I love puppies because they’re cute and fluffy”.

For the win… holy fuck, I’m about to have an aneurysm over this shit. Do you know WHY I’m so pissed off at this? Because when I die, I want my tombstone to read “I’m Dead, FTW” meaning I hate the fucking world and I will for eternity, even after I’m dead and gone. But now I can’t because everybody will think I won something by being dead.

Actually that will be true, because I’ll finally be at peace, so I guess I did win something. I won’t have to deal with the dumb asses who populate this earth with me anymore. No, instead I’ll have to deal with all of the dumb asses in the afterlife for the rest of eternity. FUCK, I can’t win. Maybe I’ll put FTA, “Fuck The Afterlife”.

I would do that, but somebody will think I worked for the Federal Transit Administration. But the joke will be on them because I changed it. Apparently you can do that with anything now.

UGH, fuck everything.

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