My Political Compass

Over at the Stuph Blog, I came across a post by a friend of mine, twindaddy, who showed his political views on a graph found at this web site. You can go there, answer some questions, and figure out exactly where you are on the graph. I’m assuming this is as correct as it can get. Unlike twindaddy, I really have no fucking clue where I stand, other than I hate the government and those who run it, and I know this country is, at least in my opinion, the worst it’s ever been. Major things need to change before any of us can have a decent life, but they most likely never will unless something big is changed at the top.

With that aside, I decided to take the test and here is my compass.

I’m not sure if I’m shocked by this or not. As far as the top and bottom, I’m not surprised that I’m closer to the bottom, or Libertarianism. I’ve heard many things they’ve had to say about different things going on in this country and I’ve liked most of them.

The swing to the left is what got me. I guess I have more in common with President Obama than once thought. Oh well, there it is, so what’s your position?

2 responses to “My Political Compass

  1. Well, you know mine. I was shocked to learn that I lean a little (just a wee bit) to the left as well, but smack dab in the middle the other way. Like I said in my post (and it was Jimmy Carter, I think, who first made this statement) 80% (The Silent Majority) are in the middle and neither party panders to them. It’s too bad a third party isn’t there to represent us.

  2. Yeah, it is a shame, and don’t you find it a little bit odd that no third party will ever be elected President? Come election time, how many news networks provide any sort of info on the third party candidates when they’re running their bullshit about the two main parties? The entire country is run by the government and especially the news networks, are controlled by them, telling them to tell the people what the government wants us to hear. They’ll never allow a third party into office because then THE PEOPLE will be represented. I don’t like to be a conspiracy theorist, but I’m sure of this in my own mind. It’s a sad thing, really, but we’re all fucked, unless you want to bypass all of your morals and your ability to THINK for yourself and join a hard left or hard right side. I’ve said it before and I’ll continue to do so, I’m not voting for a President until they give me somebody worth voting for, not that any of our votes matter.

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