Movie Review: Troll Hunter

In the long line of movies made to make you think they’re real life but are in actuality not real life, like the Blair Witch Project, Cloverfield and Paranormal Activity, comes a tale of trolls and those who hunt them, in a movie called Troll Hunter.

I stumbled upon this movie one day while searching through Netflix and it looked interesting enough for me to give it a fair chance.

Here’s the preview for the film.

Since it had a high rating on Netflix I decided to give it a try. I’ve actually found that the ratings on things on Netflix are pretty damn accurate for my taste, so I went with this movie one night and was actually very happy with it.

It turns out the movie, filmed in Norway, is in their language, which happens to not be English. So there are subtitles. It takes a damn impressive movie to keep me engaged until the end if it has subtitles, and I actually almost stopped watching it immediately after seeing it was going to have subtitles throughout. I’m glad I didn’t.

The movie is about a group of film students trying to make a movie about all of the bear deaths going on in the area. It starts with them interviewing local bear hunters who are the only ones allowed to hunt bears because they are licensed to help control the population. While interviewing these bear hunters, the hunters keep mentioning one man who seems to be a poacher and since that is illegal and cutting into their own cash flow, they’re pretty pissed off at the guy.

These film makers decide to go find this poacher and interview him on tape. He doesn’t want to be bothered, so they persist, eventually tracking him one night to where he’s hunting and follow him into the deep, dark woods, where they discover what it is he’s really doing… hunting trolls.

Three headed troll turned to stone by UV lights.

Thanks to modern CGI, just about anything can look real as hell without being real. All it takes is someone dedicated enough to make the object look real, and actors alongside it acting their asses off to nothing, to make us believe they’re acting next to something. And everybody in this movie does a fantastic job at acting like these trolls are really there.

When that troll above finally makes it on screen, he’s the first troll you get to see in the movie, and it’s well worth the wait. This badass moves trees out of his way to get through to the tasty humans way down there on the ground. This guy is probably just about a hundred feet tall, so he’s a small troll. And his three heads aren’t heads, says the expert in the film. The one in the middle is real, the other two grew later on as the troll reached maturity, as a way to attract females, much like a peacock’s tail feathers. Heh, “cock”.

In the movie, you only get to see three trolls mainly, although at one point they do make it into a trolls layer and come into contact with quite a few there. You also learn about trolls and how it is they’re around but nobody ever sees them. It’s still pretty unbelievable really, and the movie actually never covers where the trolls go during the day when the sun is out, since they can’t be exposed to sun. They also explain WHY they can’t be exposed to sun and it’s a pretty good reason.

Finally, the movie ends with an epic showdown of a two-hundred foot tall badass mountain troll guy. There’s an awesome scene of the hunter and the film crew driving an SUV from behind the troll and through its legs so that they can face it. I bet it looked great on the big screen, cause it looked good on my 42 inch flat screen. That part is in the preview above.

Two-hundred foot troll faces off with a puny SUV.

To get a really good perspective of how big this guy is, compare him with the hunter, who’s probably a measly 6 feet tall. Can you spot the human?

Yeah, there's a man standing there. Look, you'll find him.

All in all, I’d highly recommend it to anybody wanting to watch a pretty decent and entertaining movie. Of course it’s not real even though they claim it is, so don’t go into it with the idea that it’s all bullshit cause it can’t be real, because it’s not real, it’s a fucking movie.

I give it five stars because it was very well done and it entertained me. I actually hope they make a sequel.

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