What’s Next Electronics?

A few years ago I heard about this new product called an E-Reader. It’s an electronic device that allows you to download your favorite reading materials to it and take it on the go. You could have your entire favorite book collection on one device and read any of them, anywhere you go, whenever you want, assuming your battery is charged.

I thought this was a dumb idea. I mean, it’s a good idea in a way, I’m sure if fits a niche, but I’m all about opening up a good book and reading it. The smell of the book, the feel of the pages between my fingers. Not everything has to be electronic.

That was a few years ago and for a long time, E-Readers weren’t popular. Fast forward a bit and the invention of Smart Phones happens, and suddenly, everybody has touch screen enabled, expensive pieces of shit that are far from their namesake, including me. While checking out the Android Market, I find several good E-Readers available, all for free. I downloaded one and used it often enough to cover the price (free).

And then the inevitable happened. The Kindle and Nook E-Readers are released, and are advertised a lot, making them popular items. Suddenly, these high priced E-Readers are on the want-list of just about everybody who likes to read, or everybody who just has to have every new electronic that’s out.

I thought this was stupid, considering just about everyone already has a Smart Phone, and they can get an E-Reader for free, even a Kindle version, on their phone. You would think that would make these new E-Readers obsolete, right?

Wrong. I was watching TV and noticed a new Kindle called the Kindle Fire (catchy, right?). For $200, which in all reality isn’t too bad a price considering all of the bullshit they’ve added, you can now not only read your favorite books and magazines, but you can also watch movies or TV and play games on them, like Angry Birds (which happens to be THE game to use in advertising anymore). So, these E-Readers are now just ripoffs of the iPad and other Tablets that are out there, which are all basically giant versions of Smart Phones without the phone part. I’m sure that’s not far behind.

So now the market is flooded with several different types of devices that all do the same thing. No matter what you call them, they’re all computers that do the same thing. They all have touch screens, they all download content that can be accessed via the device, and they’re all expensive.

What’s the point? I ask again. Competition. Do your research before buying any of these and pick what’s best for you. Personally, as much as I hate Smart Phones because they’re all light years away from being anything close to smart, I’ll take it any day. Because right now I can do everything any of those pads or tablets or readers can do, plus make phone calls.

What’s next? What’s going to be the next thing added to these devices? They’ve already included GPS, cameras, camcorders, games, movies, TV, radio, internet, police scanners, 3D and E-Readers, not to mention that you can now also open your garage door with them, turn your car on with them, set your house alarm with them… so what’s the next thing they’re going to add? Is there anything else? I can’t think of anything, but I’m sure SOMETHING’S next. They couldn’t have possibly shoved everything that can be added into these devices so quickly, otherwise there’s nowhere to go with them, and that’s not how technology these days works.

It’s scary to think what we’ve “accomplished” in such a short amount of time with these meaningless devices instead of working on the real problems of the world. I can now do all of the above with my PHONE, yet if I get cancer I’m fucked. And I’ll probably get it from using my phone.

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