Just Pay Attention

Listen people, as much as I hate all of you, I also feel that I have a public service to offer and as such, I will do so now. When you go out to buy stuff, pay attention to what it is you’re buying and what you’re paying for.

For instance, I was just at Kroger looking at their brand of pop, Big K, and comparing prices. They had a sale on the 12 packs. I can’t remember the price, but if you were to buy two of them, you would have spent less than if you bought a case. Either way, you get 24 cans of pop, but to buy two 12 packs, you would save at least a dollar.

Typically though, when not on sale, if you buy two 12 packs, you wind up saving 1 cent from just buying a case. One penny isn’t much, but it’s the idea behind it.

Look at what you’re buying.

If you go to a fast food place, take McDonald’s for example (and blow them up). Order a burger that doesn’t come with cheese and ask for cheese. You’ll pay extra for the cheese. Then order a Big Mac, or any other burger that comes with cheese and have them take the cheese off. Are you paying less for the burger? Never.

Is that right? Hell no, but they don’t give a shit, because you’re still going to pay for it, whether you like it or not, which is why I hate eating at these places.

Also, ask them to take off the ketchup and mustard from your burger, but add mayo. They’ll charge you extra for the mayo. That’s basically saying the ketchup and mustard cost nothing to them. They’re apparently not saving any money at all by not putting those on your burger. However, if you order your burger plain and then ask for a packet of mayo, it’s free. Are these two different types of mayo they use? No, it’s just that their system is set up to fuck you out of as much money as possible, any chance they get. You just have to find the loopholes.

Another issue with these fast food places of suck, the drinks. Go in and buy yourself a small pop. Then buy a large pop. You’re going to pay more for the large, naturally. But then, you get free refills. Huh? Why are you paying more for a large when you’re allowed to drink all you want for free?

If you drink 10 small pops or 5 large pops, you’re going to drink basically the same amount of pop. So what are you paying more for with a large glass? To pay for the extra materials needed to make the cup? It can’t cost as much as they’re charging, so what gives?

The point here is, pay attention to what you’re paying for and you’ll save yourself some money by fucking over these assholes at their own game. Do you really think by signing up for their shoppers card that they’re going to take less money for something?

Comedian Bill Burr said it right. Are we supposed to think that they want to make less money for their shit? Hell no. All they’re doing is jacking up the price a little bit so it looks like we’re saving money by using their card. And if you don’t have one of their cards, chances are very good that the cashier will pull one out of their drawer and use it for you so you can still save the money. Make sense? Why do they WANT us to save money? Who isn’t in business to make money?

I was at White Castles a few years back and ordered some breakfast sandwiches. I don’t care for their sausage, so I ordered a sausage, egg and cheese sandwich but asked them to hold the sausage. I then asked if I could replace it with more egg. The lady told me I’d have to pay for it. I asked her if their eggs cost more than their sausage does, which should never be the case and she said that’s just the way it is. So by taking the sausage off of the sandwich, I’d still be paying for it. That means they’re making money on a sausage patty TWICE. If ten people ordered the sandwich the same way I did and one person orders it with the sausage, that sausage patty was paid for eleven times. Get the picture here?

Think a little bit folks. That’s not too much to ask, although the more I look around and see the decisions most of you fuckers are making, it is asking a lot. Don’t get duped by the man. That’s his job, duping us into doing things his way by making us think we’re the ones in control.

For my last point on this, take a look at the marijuana laws in this country. In California, the people there have voted to make medicinal marijuana legal. Every now and then, the Federal Government comes in and shuts down these pot dispensaries. Why do they do this? Just to show the people of California that they are still and will always be in control. That’s all. It’s not because they think marijuana is bad and the people of this country shouldn’t have access to it legally, it’s just to show us that their limp dicks are still bigger than ours. That’s it, that’s all.

And what happens every time this goes down? It’s on the news. The story is always the same, there’s no reason for it to happen, it’s just a random shut down of the legally running pot dispensaries, yet it’s on the news. They could literally rerun the first time that story aired, every time this happens, because nothing about the stories change except the names of the dispensaries (and the dogs that get shot and killed for no reason by the asshole feds who laugh about it later). Why is it on the news each and every time? To let the rest of America know, that our government has grown too big for its britches and we no longer are in control.

The fact of the matter is, though, that the people of this country are SUPPOSED to run the government. THEY are SUPPOSED to be working FOR US. They are supposed to ask how high when we tell them to jump. But they don’t, and this is the perfect show of that power that they think they have. We put them into office, they fuck us over. “You scratch my back, I’ll fuck you” is the thought process.

So when THE PEOPLE of California decided they wanted legalized pot, the government should have listened and allowed it, because that’s what the people who THEY WORK FOR want. Instead, they’re keeping them from doing what they want.

You might be asking yourselves when this all started. It all started when Christopher Columbus landed here and set up camp. British people fled their country because they were being taxed and they were sick of it. They came here and turned into the people they were leaving. They forced their way onto a land that didn’t belong to them, killed innocent people for being here first, and then TAXED THEIR OWN PEOPLE. Go figure. We’re no better than the bullshit we left behind.

Don’t let this shit happen people. Big brother is a big nasty fuck who doesn’t give one shit about any of us, and never will. Whether you smoke pot or not, whether you agree with pot or not, and whether you think it should be legal or not, you absolutely have to agree that our government works for US and that if we tell them we want something legalized, and it is voted on and passed, then it should be legal, period. Not with stipulations, not with loopholes (there will always be though), it should be legalized.

PEOPLE: “We just voted for pot to be legal here.”
GOV’T: “Awesome! That’s the system we set up so that YOU the people can tell us what it is you want to live your lives in this great land of ours. That’s what makes us great.”
PEOPLE: “You are right, and that is why we love this country. We tell you, our leaders who we elected into office to fight for what we want, that we want legal pot and you are okay with it. That’s great.”
GOV’T: “Absolutely, that’s how this country is supposed to be run. That’s what makes us great. If you want pot legalized, and you went through the appropriate means to get it done, then we are all for it.”

GOV’T: “By the way, we’ll be stepping in every now and then to go completely against what you want, just to show you that even though you voted us into office, we’re still better than you are. Fuck you, American people, because you suck.”

Personally, I think it should be legalized. Not because I smoke it, and not because I enjoy it. But because there are people serving time in our overcrowded jails and prisons for smoking a joint, when baby killers and rapers are being let go because there’s no room for them in the jail. That’s the only reason I think it should be legalized.

Well, that and the fact that the government has done nothing but lie to us about it since it’s been an issue. Everything that they tell us about it is wrong. It’s currently labeled as strong a drug as cocaine and heroin. Really? Take a long hard look at that. Do you think marijuana is really as hard a drug as cocaine or heroin? Really? And you can’t use the argument that it leads to harder drugs, because that’s an opinion. There’s no facts or evidence that prove that. There’s instances and coincidences, but no facts. It’s just a theory.

I could go on and on, really, but I won’t. I’ll just leave you with that. The government lies to us. Always has and always will. Big business is best friends with the government, and they lie to us all the time as well. We stand alone, as a people, against both of them, and we need to take charge, because we ARE the ones in charge. We just forget it from time to time. Stop forgetting and TAKE CHARGE.

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