Fall Is Here

Ah, isn’t it nice? Fall has arrived and I can’t say just how happy I am that it’s here. I love Fall. More so than all the other seasons combined, those bunch of bitches. The leaves all turn to different colors, the air has a nice chill to it that doesn’t freeze but cools and soothes us after a long hot summer, it doesn’t smell nearly as bad in and around the greater downtown area. Yes, Fall is great. But not only is it great, it also has the greatest holiday ever in it, Halloween.

Years ago I wrote an Editorial about Halloween and this year I’m going to repost it on Halloween. It’s a classic, horrible misspellings and all. But it’s still awesome. Make sure to check that out.

Also, I’ve decided that because Halloween is right around the corner, I’m going to get in the spirit and do something great.

I’m going to go down to my local creepy place in the woods, sacrifice a goat and a virgin, draw a giant red pentagram on the ground in their blood, light some candles and pay heed to the almighty dark lord himself, Luke Perry.

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