Get Over Your Vagina

I was watching the news recently and saw a story that pissed me off. It has to do with those women who think the world revolves around them and that everything has to be done their way. In other words, Feminists.

They ruin everything. George Carlin once spoke about this very thing. If these bitches had their way, everything would be changed. No more “man hole cover” it would be a “person hole cover”. No more “David Letterman” it would be “David Letterperson”. These bitches need to chill out.

The story I saw on the news involved those signs that road workers put up to let traffic know that there is work being done ahead. They typically read “Men At Work” or “Men Working”.

I went to the website of the news station I was watching and couldn’t find the story, which is very typical of them. So I did a search and came across the story on another site, here, and posted below so you don’t have to go to another site.

Authorities in Atlanta, Georgia agreed to alter the signs following a campaign by the editor of a local women’s magazine, who claimed they were sexist.

More than 50 “Men At Work” or “Men Working” warnings will be repainted to say “Workers Ahead” or just “Workers” at a cost of £11 ($22) per sign.

The city will also ensure that all future signs it buys are gender neutral. The total cost of the alterations will exceed $1,000.

“It seemed like the right thing to do,” said Joe Basista, the Atlanta Public Works commissioner.

More than half the department’s employees are women, and some had complained about the signs in the past, according to union officials.

Cynthia Good, editor of PINK magazine, which is aimed at professional women, said she now hoped to convince other cities to remove bias from their road signs.

“We’re calling on the rest of the nation to follow suit and make a statement that we will not accept these subtle forms of discrimination,” she said.

The equivalent signs in Britain – which feature images of an apparently male worker holding a spade, but no text – might be more difficult to make gender neutral.

Mrs Good started her campaign after police investigated an allegation that she spray-painted the letters “wo” at the beginning of one of the offending signs.

I could go off on all of this but the main point here is, these signs are put out on the road to keep the workers safe. Period. They are to let the traffic coming up to the work being done know that there’s work being done and to not hit and kill anybody. Those signs are there for the worker’s safety.

But that’s not good enough for these fucking bitches. They’re not happy that their health and their lives are being thought of. No, they’re pissed because the signs have “man” and “men” on them instead of anything else. Who gives a fuck?

Is anybody going to drive by a zone where work is being done, read a sign and say “Oh, it isn’t just men working there, there are women too. Maybe I should drive safer.” Hell no. Nobody gives a fuck.

Is anybody going to drive by one of the new signs and say, “What’s that? Women are working on the road too? GOOD FOR THEM! I’M SO HAPPY!” Hell no. Nobody gives a fuck.

There are literally only two things people think when they see one of those signs. “Fuck, traffic is going to suck ass” and “How long’s this shit going to last?” That’s it. And for the record, a woman working construction is pretty hot. There’s this one who does the flagging of traffic down the road from me. I pass by her all the time and she’s pretty do-able.

Aside from that, nobody gives a shit. When I see a crooked, orange square sign with writing on it, I don’t even read it anymore. I know that it means one thing. Construction on the road is happening up the road and it’s only going to make things suck. Personally, I don’t give a fuck if a man or a woman or a fucking hermaphrodite is working on the road. Get it done quick and get the fuck out of my way.

Why do women need that reassurance that they are needed? Is the sign on the road properly showing that women are working up ahead going to make them work better? Is it going to make them feel appreciated? That’s bullshit.

After these signs get changed, it won’t be enough. It never is to people who bitch about the dumbest shit. No, before long they’ll want the signs in pink instead of orange, and then they’ll want frilly, shiny, sparkly things all around it. And then they’ll want their individual names on them. “Tanya Working Up Ahead”.

Just do your fucking job. Those signs aren’t saying that you’re not important enough to be put on them, they’re just saying that the road is being worked on up ahead. That’s it. There’s no undertone to them, there’s no sexism involved, they’re just warning signs. Period.

Stop your bullshit ladies. Nobody gives a fuck but other ladies. Men don’t care what the fucking signs say, so why is this such a big deal? Because it’s going to cost money to have those signs replaced. There it is, women costing companies money. Over bullshit.

If we were to take away the signs all together, these women could be hit by traffic and killed. These signs are saving their lives, not making a fucking statement about who’s doing the work.

If these signs were actually sexist, like the stupid bitch editor of that women’s magazine said, they’d say something like, “Men Only Working Because Women Can’t Do What We Do”.

Here’s a sign for you.

How about that? Would that make you happier? How about this one?

I just really hope they go with something simple, like this one.

Simple and to the point. Like I said, it doesn’t fucking matter WHO’S working on the road, especially what their sex is. Those signs are put out on the road to let motorists know there’s work being done on the road they’re on. That’s all. It’s not to say that women don’t belong in that line of work. So by using a sign like the one just above, we eliminate both sexes from the signs and everybody should be happy.

I just really hope we don’t see anything that says “People Working Ahead” or god forbid “Men And Women Working Ahead” because that means the women win. Fuck that. Because you know that’s what they want. They want the signs to include women or to belittle men into becoming “people” instead of “men” because in their women minds, THAT’S what’s important. It has nothing to do with being equal or being acknowledged. It has to do with making men lesser than they are. Keep it to “Road Work Ahead” and everything will be fine.

Just kidding, it won’t be fine. Because Feminists will never be done bitching.

Do you know why it’s called “bitching”? Because bitches do it best. All of the rest of us can only wish we were as good at it as they are.

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