Black Tide

I’m sitting back now, playing some Snood and listening to Black Tide’s album, Light From Above.

I first heard of them when I was playing NHL 09, their song Warriors Of Time is on it. The more I heard it, the more I liked it. Then, one day I was watching Cool TV and the video for it came on, and holy fuck, that video is ultra badass. So, I was hooked and had to hear more.

I went out and picked up a copy and haven’t stopped listening to it since. I love it all the way through, even their Metallica cover, Hit The Lights. This album is old school metal, from beginning to end. Guitar, guitar, guitar. The fact that this album rocks hard AND has killer thrashing guitar solo’s is impressive. Nobody does that anymore, and the fact that these are young guys (teens still in high school when the album was recorded) makes it even more impressive. And a big thumb’s up to their drummer, fuck he rocks.

I read a review of this album somewhere where the guy reviewing it said it’s like going into your attic and finding a late 80’s metal album you forgot you had.

Then again, and the reason for writing this, I can’t figure some people out. I understand not everything is for everybody, but some of the negative comments I’ve heard about them just doesn’t make sense to me.

I read on a Youtube video where someone commented and said they don’t get into this kind of metal because it all sounds the same. Obviously they haven’t listened to Black Tide, because they DON’T sound like all of the shit “metal” out now, which incidentally is why I like them. Black Tide plays guitar solo’s. In all of their songs… and they’re all good and not just for a couple of seconds. They’re REAL guitar solo’s and they rock. Someone else on there called Black Tide “posers” and said their fans are as well. Huh?

I have two friends who I let listen to this album. I did this because I had to share this awesomeness that I had discovered, called Black Tide, to someone and these two friends are into metal.

The most recent just told me it “wasn’t my favorite. Not sure why.” Me either.

The first friend I let hear it, didn’t like them. Now, this one confuses me on a different level, because this friend (Porksausage who still has yet to post here) and I have very similar tastes in stuff. We definitely each have things we like that the other doesn’t, and I used to try to get him to check out different things that I’m into to see if he might get into them as well, which he never does. So I stopped for the most part.

But those things that I know he likes, those things that we both are fans of, I will still share them with him, and he still doesn’t like them. I’m getting to think that he just doesn’t like anything I do, like it’s all about ME liking them and has nothing to do with what it is.

He’s actually a bigger fan of metal than I am and I thought for sure Black Tide would be right up his alley. Nope. He doesn’t like them. Why? I ask myself this all the time when I try to get him to check something out I like and he doesn’t. Movies, shows, music, it doesn’t matter. It’s like he’s a totally different person than he was when we first met and became friends.

So, I’m done having people check shit out that I like. Again, they don’t have to like the shit I do, I just don’t understand these certain little things why they don’t like them. So, no more. I’ll just listen and enjoy them because after all, that’s all that’s important. Right? Right.

By the by, I give this album 5 of 5 stars. Why perfect? Because it’s got all of the elements of great metal and it’s done perfectly. Even their Metallica cover is awesome. Porksausage particularly didn’t care for that one because he’s against all remakes. I’m against the fact that remakes are being done over and over now and it’s totally out of control. But, I don’t mind certain ones if done right, and Hit The Lights was done phenomenally, just as their Iron Maiden cover of Prowler, which also rocks hard.

Yes, 5 of 5, but I’m not suggesting any of you listen to it, because you’ll probably hate it.

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