Editorial Archives: Can You Hear The Echoes?

Can You Hear The Echoes?
August 15, 2007

A movie reviewers career wouldn’t be complete without reviewing a quality horror/thriller suspense movie’s straight to video sequel. With that said, here is my professional opinion on the movie “Stir Of Echoes 2: The Homecoming”.

To catch you up, the first movie (not reviewed by me) kicked ass. Kevin Bacon got to bang the very sexy Kathryn Erbe, see dead people (while it was still popular), and flip out enough to destroy his own basement. Nothing about this movie was bad, except for when Kevin nailed Kathryn there was no gratuitous boob shot. I was not pleased with that.

On the flip side, Stir 2 was sent direct to video as all suspense thriller sequels should be, because of their usually inferior acting, story, directing, and overall enjoyability. But Stir 2 was different. It was actually enjoyable.

I just happened to catch it on TV, and while it was viewed on TV and all of the good stuff was either edited out or censored, it was still enjoyable. After all, Rob Lowe is in it.

Rob Lowe is a god of acting. He’s played in some of the best movies of all time. I know I don’t need to provide proof of this, but I know some of you won’t share the same opinion as I do, even though I’m always right and you’re not.

Rob played in all three Austin Powers movies and quite frankly, is the only reason those movies were good. He was also in a hysterical Tommy Boy, Wayne’s World, and one of the best movies of all time, Class, with the infamous Andrew McCarthy. Rob was also in a movie rendition of The Outsiders which was an instant classic the day it was considered to be made. And now you can add to this list, Stir 2.

To start things off, he’s in the war that’s going on right now, and he has to kill a family. Awesome. Then he comes home and he starts to see the dead. His wife is pretty hot, but he never nails her.

After a few jumpy scenes and a bunch of dead people, we get to see a lady blow her brains out all over her bedroom wall, and then we get to see the chunks and slime from the mess ooze down the wall. Awesome.

After that we see more dead people, and a bunch of flashbacks to the family being burned alive. Awesome.

Then Rob pays a visit to the son of Kevin Bacon from the first, only played by someone else. The kid, who was obviously into viewing dead folks as well, has since gone crazy and ripped his own eyes out. It’s ok though, because he’s so psychic that he can see everything around him without eyes, but he’s still got awesome scars where his eyes used to be. And he’s still a little crazy, so that rocks.

Even though this movie is a suspense thriller like it’s predecessor and I hate all suspense thrillers, I still enjoyed them. The first because it was better than The 6th Sense which for some reason had everyone on its nuts when it came out, and also because Kevin Bacon was in it and he nailed Kathryn Erbe, as I stated above. I liked this one because Rob Lowe was in it and some chick blows her brains out. Damn… it makes me hard just to type that. She blew her brains out and we got to see it. Major wood right now.

With this all said, I’m going to go rent this movie, illegally burn it to a blank DVD, return the rented copy, and then I’m going to sit down and enjoy the unrated version, hoping for some boob shots. But before I do all of that, I’m going to count up all of the awesome points for this, configure it with my movie reviewing system, and rate it.

I give this movie -783 stars out of -714 stars because I rock.

I hate seeing dead people when I’m trying to get some ass from Kathryn Erbe.

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