You Know It’s Bad When…

You know you’ve got a drinking problem when you look in the fridge, see you have 8 beers left, and are pissed because you only have 8 beers left.

I mean, I’m drunk now, so obviously 8 beers was enough. I’m actually drinking the eighth as I write this.

Was this a party night? Were there guests over? Was a sports game on?


This is a typical night for me when I have beer. That’s a big “WHEN” because sometimes I go for a period of time without it. That period sucks, but it makes those tiny periods when I do have beer that much more enjoyable.

Which is why I over over-indulge. You see, I would love to have a nice beer, a good beer, something with body. Like an amber style beer, Amberbock would be a nice choice, as would Killian’s. But I can’t have those because they cost too god damn much. I’ve even started drinking Hudy Amber, a newer beer that is a very good amber style beer, but low on cost, since it’s made by Hudepohl. But even then, I can get a 12 pack of it in bottles for $10. Not TOO bad if I want to treat myself.

I always go, though, with the cheap purchase. Get more for my money. Like a 30 pack of Keystone Light. Can’t go wrong there. Unless I’m trying to watch how much I drink. Because my fridge with 30 cans of beer in it is a welcome sign to drunken bliss.

The only problem with that is, a 30 pack literally only lasts me 3 days. That should average out to 10 a day, but I’m much better than that. Typically I can kill a 12 pack with no problem, and most of the time I want more after I’ve had that.

So you can see why tonight I was a little upset that I only had 8 beers left. The good news for me was, I was slightly tired. So 8 did the trick.

I habitually go to parties where there will be just four of us and the question will be asked; “Do you think two 30 packs will be enough?” The answer is always “no” and we go get another one.

Yes, I can party with just 4 people. If you can’t, you don’t know how to party.

The upside, besides getting drunk for no particular reason? I recycle cans and get paid for doing so. Sure it’s not much, but whatever I get always contributes to another 30 pack. You see? That’s good economics.

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