My Next Project

Ladies and gents, I had a thought one night, that I could do my own eating show, just like the one on the Travel Channel, Man V Food. Only, in order to eat a lot I have to be wasted on liquor and beer.

So, I decided to do my own show called Drunk Man Vs Food. I haven’t done a challenge yet, but I have a friend on board to do the driving and the filming. I’m going to hit up places in and around the Greater Cincinnati area that have food challenges and I’m going to get wasted and attempt them. Then I’ll post the show on my new site for everybody’s enjoyment. Including my own. I’ll have to watch the tape later just to remember what happened.

Anyway, the website is up and running now. I’ve had it done for a while and was really wanting to debut it with my first video, but I wanted to publish it and get that done and out of the way. Plus the anticipation was killing me.

Check it out if you like. The link will be up on the right side for future reference.

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