Hypocrites piss me off. They’re all like “I’m gonna tell you this” and then they’re all like “but I’m gonna do this” and whatever. So fuck ’em.

I bring that up to bring up this… I am now a hypocrite. That’s right loyal followers. Yes, I’m talking to all 2 of you. Yes, I included myself there. I recently got on Coke’s ass about putting out eleventy hundred different sizes of their cola’s, and the spark that set it off was their new 1.25 liter bottle.

And then I went to Kroger and they had those on sale for $1. I bought 2. And I enjoyed the shit out of them.

So from now on, don’t listen to shit I say. Ever. I’m a lying ass hypocrite who should be considered a bastard.

Oh, I guess I’m already considered that by more than a few people. Damn, now I know why.

6 responses to “Hypocrits

  1. Wait, am I the other 1?

  2. I got a message like that on Facebook from somebody else. So I guess we’re up to 4 now. I’m close to 500 hits here, so there has to be somebody else anyway. It’s just shocking. I wouldn’t read this shit.

  3. Why not? You write it.

  4. Exactly, I know what’s in it.

  5. lmao. dude. people care about you and love your opinions. Just because most people don’t comment, doesn’t mean they aren’t reading it. 😉

  6. All of that was a joke. I know I’m awesome.

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