Fuck Scientology

Scientology is a joke through and through. Major religions are a joke and have many loyal followers, people who will believe anything. They’re like a bunch of lemmings, they’ll follow anybody who can spew bullshit faster than anybody else in the room. Scientology is no different, but much worse.

In all reality, Scientology is just as ridiculous as Catholicism or Christianity or hell, even Satanism. Beliefs are beliefs, and if you want to believe something, feel free. You must always remember though, that a belief is just that. It’s not truth. It’s those individuals who take it that one step farther and believes all of it as TRUTH that ruins it for those who can think for themselves, i.e. me.

I have no issues with the religious, whether it be legitimate religions or this bullshit Scientology that really makes a mockery out of the whole gambit. Preaching endless bullshit to a mass of people who pay insane amounts of cash to feel like they belong and are enlightened, well, that takes the bullshit cake. The founder of it is a fucking sci-fi novelist for crying out loud.

With this in mind, I head on to the reason why I’m writing this. I think Scientology is bullshit and unfortunately it doesn’t just get members from the real world, it also has many famous celebrities involved as well. Some of these celebrities I want to like, rather, I want to like parts they play on TV shows or in movies, but I find it so hard because I know they’re nothing more than a bunch of fucking idiots who believe in this bullshit.

Of course we all know about Isaac Hayes and the South Park incident. There are a bunch of others which you can find here, but I’ll put down a couple, those who piss me off because at some point in my life I’ve liked something they’ve done. Including Isaac Hayes, there’s Kirstie Alley, Lisa Marie Presley and Edgar Winter, to name a few. As for the rest…

The first one has to go to Nancy Cartwright, voice of Bart Simpson. Like most of America, I grew up watching The Simpsons. Hell, at this point in time it’s almost un-American to not like The Simpsons. Bart was my idol as a child, watching how he pranked people and did bad things to entertain himself. I loved Bart and do to this day, but knowing that his voice comes from a bitch who thinks an alien on a huge ship delivered restless souls to this planet who came out of a volcano and entered into us is, well, fucking stupid. It’s so hard to watch The Simpsons now because of this, and I’ve noticed over the years since I found this out that I actually have stopped watching the show. Give me Family Guy any day.

The next would have to be John Travolta. Damn it pisses me off that he’s a no-good douchebag of the highest degree. Pulp Fiction, anyone? Nobody that awesome should be among those people who absolutely have no mind of their own. I feel insulted that I actually liked this guy and his acting. I guess the only real glimmer of hope I have as far as Travolta is concerned is, he put out Battlefield Earth. He loves Scientology so much he put out one of the worst movies ever just to do a movie about this shitty faux religion. That makes it a little easier to hate him.

I don’t even want to mention Tom Cruise because I’ve always thought of him as a douchebag.

Next we’re going to Queens, NY to visit the queen of the king, Leah Remini. She plays Carrie on The King Of Queens and she is a damn dirty Scientologist. I do enjoy the show for the most part, I can only take it in small doses, but her, I want to like. I want to appreciate her, because she is very easy on the eyes. She has even posed in several very tasty pictures with her wearing barely nothing for either Stuff Magazine or something else. But damn, she’s a fucking Scientologist. What the fuck…

This next one hurts me just as much as or maybe even more than the rest, Jason Lee. Jason is an actor who has played in many great things, most notably Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, Mallrats, Heartbreakers as well as a bunch of others. He’s also the star of the hit TV show My Name Is Earl. Yes, he’s Earl. My dad loves this show so much I’m actually pretty sure he wants to have Earl’s babies. He constantly talks about this show and it made me sick. You see, I found out about Jason Lee being a fucking moron before that show came out, so I never watched it. But at the request of my dad and the fact that it’s on in syndication everywhere now made it easy. I finally started watching it, just recently. It’s a decent enough show that I can’t say I don’t enjoy, but I don’t find it nearly as awesome as my dad does. I’m sure the reason for that is because Lee is a Scientologist.

Finally, my list comes to a horrible end. I am a huge HUGE fan of That 70’s Show and the one character I feel that I relate to the most would be Steven Hyde. Others might argue that I’m more like Red, but really it’s Hyde. And of course, the actor who plays him, Danny Masterson, is a fucking Scientologist. What the fuck?! NOT HYDE! Yes, him too.

But wait, there’s one more. While looking up the list of Scientologists that are famous, I discovered one I previously did not know about and she fits in there with Danny Masterson… Laura Prepon, Donna from That 70’s Show. Damn, it’s getting harder and harder to watch that show that I love so very much.

Since I’ve been trying my damndest to not like those actors who are complete idiots, I have to reconsider, because I still love That 70’s Show and I’ve found that if I can just like the characters, the actors can suck a fat one. I’m not watching for them, I’m watching for the characters they play. Besides, I would be a hypocrite if I didn’t go about it this way. I believe what someone does in their regular life shouldn’t take attention away from what they did professionally.

Whether or not Michael Jackson did what everyone claims he did, he was still a hell of a recording artist and performer, and I will always love him for that alone. And who cares that Pete Rose gambled on baseball? He was great on the field and for that alone he should be in the baseball hall of fame.

If I believe those things, then I have to at the very least say, it doesn’t matter what stupid ass religion or even stupid ass fake religion someone believes, if they’re good at what they do, I can still appreciate and enjoy it.

Or can I? If an actor is replaced to play a character, that character then suddenly sucks, because they’re going to always be compared to the original actor. So I guess it DOES matter, at least to some degree. What the hell should I do?

4 responses to “Fuck Scientology

  1. I don’t even know how Scientology is considered a religion since there’s no deity to follow. But, yeah, it’s retarded. And apparently you hafta be rich to be a Scientologist, too. Fuck ’em all.

  2. Really, it should be considered one. They both practice the art of preaching bullshit to a bunch of people who get the message but don’t “get the message”. They both ask you for your hard earned dollars and they both worship an imaginary guy in the sky. As far as I’m concerned, it’s a religion.

    And oh yeah, definitely fuck ’em all.

  3. According to Scientologists, it is a religion. But it is actualy a cult. They insist that its a religion only to get Tax Exempt Status. Believe me though, they rake huge amounts of money from their “UBER RICH” followers.

  4. Yeah, they are most definitely a cult. But what religion isn’t? By definition they all follow cult guidelines. No matter what though, it still boggles my mind to no end to know that THAT many people believe in that shit. I look at Scientology and think, this has to be some kind of joke. And then I see the number of people following it and… I just can’t figure it out.

    Thanks for stopping by Ken, I appreciate it!

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