Movie Review: Hunt To Kill

I just Netflix’d the movie Hunt To Kill starring “Stone Cold” Steve Austin.

This movie is pretty badass. It’s a movie that you would expect to be the type that it is, that would follow all of the same basic steps that it does, but it does it all pretty good, considering.

Austin plays this dude, Jim Rhodes, who is a border patrol officer who’s badass. His partner is murdered in front of him. All of the assholes who did it, die. Then he’s trying to spend some time with his bitch of a daughter who should be smacked around by her dad, but he loves her and just wants them to get along. She winds up doing some stupid shit that again, deserves an ass kicking, but she’s at the police station and he has to go pick her up.

Meanwhile, the bad guys steal $10 million and the main bad guy fucks over the other bad guys and runs off with the money, but they have a way of tracking him down so they go after him.

Their first stop is the police station, and they’re going to threaten the police guy with his life or some such shit if he don’t help them find their buddy with $10 million in the mountains of Montana, where the film takes place.

Austin shows up to get his daughter and runs into the bad guys. The bad guys take his daughter hostage and force him to help them since he knows the mountains and the woods.

The resulting movie turns into what you’d expect. He has to do what he can to help these bad guys so that they don’t kill him or his daughter, but then they piss him off so he goes ultra badass and kicks their asses.

The movie is acted well by everyone in it, it’s shot relatively well, except true to modern day action films most of the fight scenes were shot zoomed in to the max and right up everybody’s asses, so you have the hardest time trying to figure out what the hell is going on. And the worst part, besides the predictability, is the writing. The dialogue the characters share at too many parts in the movie is just horrible.

Austin delivers a couple of wrestling moves but not the stunner. He still kicks ass, but during one fight with this other ultra badass bad guy, he gets his ass kicked until he murders the dude with a horrible punch line to go with it.

Later, as he’s facing the new main bad guy in the epic showdown, he delivers the line that ruins the whole damn thing. I bet you can’t guess what it is.

Did you guess that it involves the name of the movie? If you did, you’d be correct.

Austin: When I hunt, I hunt to kill!

Never mind the part where he gets shot, falls down a very steep hillside, lands on hard rocks and slides into freezing water with blood spreading all over in the water as he goes under. He survives that and climbs back up the hill. Later he’s knocked down the side of a sheer rock cliff, sliding 50, 60 feet easily, lands on more hard rock, lays there for just a moment and gets back up, climbing back up the side of the cliff, not winded or hurt or anything. Of course he’s supposed to be badass, but he’s not Rambo and he’s most definitely not Bruce Willis. Let’s put a little more reality into it.

Austin’s natural charisma really didn’t come out much in the movie either. He’s a decent actor, and played that part well, but the part didn’t seem to be written for him at all. Aside from all of that, it was a decent movie, but it is very predictable. The one thing that made it worth watching overall though, were the deaths. He really kills them bastards pretty damn good. I will say though, that a sequel COULD be made and if one were considered, I bet I could write a much better movie than the asshole who wrote this one.

The movie deserves 3.5 stars, but I gave it a 4 on Netflix since they don’t do half stars. It would have got 3, but as I said, there were some pretty awesome deaths in it.

2 responses to “Movie Review: Hunt To Kill

  1. Eh, sounds kinda cheesy. And I can’t stand horrible dialogue…

  2. It is mostly cheesy but as I said, if you’ve seen this type of movie once, you’ve seen it a hundred times. It’s good for what it is. If you want to see a bad story played out by a lot of fighting and death and explosions, it’s an awesome flick. But yeah, the dialogue is fucking horrible. And the end when he says the name of the film, I was seriously thinking, you know, Bruce Willis didn’t do that shit to make an awesome film. He not once ever said, “Now I’m going to make you die hard… with a vengeance…”

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