HubPages Can Suck A Fat One

Since I’m a writer (I guess you can call me that, I write here don’t I?) I have multiple blogs that I deal with. One of which is a food/restaurant review blog where I review local eateries and post tasty recipes that I enjoy.

I thought I’d give HubPages a try, since people like it and sometimes even get paid for writing on it. I didn’t think I’d get paid for writing on it since my writing sucks, but it was a way to get just slightly more views for my stuff than if I hadn’t written there.

So far I have 3 entries on my Hub there, all copied from my Blogger blog. After all, if I’m writing a piece, why not post it everywhere that I can?

Recently I wrote a piece about a Chili place that I used to love going to but after a firing fiasco where every one of the reasons I went there was fired, it totally sucks. I posted it on my regular blog and then copied it over to my Hub. It wasn’t published. Instead, I got this warning on it when I logged in to find out what happened.

NOTE: A substantial portion of the content on this hub appears on other pages

This Hub seems to contain text that also appears on another page and may be unpublished as a result. If you revise the content so that it is unique to this Hub, it will automatically be rechecked for duplication.

The issue of duplicate content on HubPages is completely separate from issues of plagiarism or copyright. All that it means is that we found text very similar to what is contained in this Hub elsewhere on the Web. Promotional or affiliate links are strictly prohibited on Hubs identified as duplicate.

Please do not contact us to say that this is your original content that is published on another site. However, if you believe that this content should not appear anywhere else on the Internet, please contact us. Include the URL or title of this Hub in your message.

Please address the moderator set alert below before submitting this Hub for publication.

The moderator set alert below…


This Hub contains text that also appears on another site or Hub, or is substantially similar to another work. Duplicate content is not permitted on HubPages. In order for this Hub to be republished, you will need to ensure that its content is original.

Please note that the issue of duplicate content is completely separate from issues of plagiarism or copyright. All that it means is that we found text very similar to what is contained in this Hub elsewhere on the Web.

If you would like to make changes to the Hub in order to bring it into compliance, please do so and then click the Submit for Publication button. We will review your Hub, and if appropriate, republish it. This process can take up to 72 hours. Hubs without substantial improvement will not be republished, and we will be monitoring any changes made to Hubs after republication.

This information is based on a human review of this Hub, and can only be cleared by HubPages staff. Edit your Hub and then use the “Submit For Publication” button to request that it be reviewed and republished.

Repeatedly submitting Hubs for review that are still in violation of the rules will result in the permanent closure of your account. If you have questions about the rules, please review the FAQ, ask for clarification in the forum<, or contact us before submitting your Hub for review.

What the fuck? I’m not allowed to post something I WROTE on HubPages if I’ve posted it somewhere else. So what about my three other posts there that have all been posted elsewhere? And I’m not allowed to contact them and tell them that I’ve copied MY work? So what the fuck am I supposed to do, rewrite it just because HubPages think they’re THAT special? Fuck them.

I went to my email to see if I got a confirmation on the email I sent them, which was basically just me going the fuck off on them and they had already sent me an email telling me basically the same thing, which only pissed me off more.

So what am I going to do? I’m going to give them a chance to respond just so I can see what kind of bullshit they’re going to give me and then I’m deleting my account there, which I told them I was going to do. Fuck them and the horse they rode in on. I don’t need their publicity that god damned bad. I’d rather have no readers than deal with that bullshit. I can’t copy my own work, FUCK YOU.

7 responses to “HubPages Can Suck A Fat One

  1. WTF is hubpages? Never heard of it. And why don’t you have links to your other blogs on this one?

  2. HubPages is a blogging service that a lot of people use. It’s kind of nice and has some cool features, but it’s nothing I’ll miss.

    I don’t link to my other blogs from this one because, quite frankly, I like to keep this “persona” separate from the others. I’ll give you those links, I just try to keep it all independent.

  3. They have started getting pretty ridiculous with links as well. If your site has an opt-in form on it (which is obviously VOLUNTARY), they won’t let you have a link to that site – even if it is a helpful blog and you want to offer readers SOMETHING for getting on you mailing list! Annoying!

  4. Exactly. I had more links on my blogs than content. They think they’re bigger than they are and it shows. Myspace got that way, and they collapsed. It will happen to Hubpages too if they don’t change their approach to things. Thanks for stopping by Julie.

  5. You’re an idiot. Of course you can’t have duplicate content on another site. Google indexes it and penalizes you. Hubpages is a lot of things, but in this case, you’re the moron.

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