I Hate People

I really do hate people. And not just in a fun, joking way. People suck and they should all be shot. Including me. I’m not going to hate something I am and not hate myself for it, that’s just not how I roll.

I was on my way home from taking the wife to work. I got to a part on a road real close to my house where there’s always some asshole who can’t figure out how to do the speed limit. And that asshole is always in front of me. Always.

I know people don’t know how to drive no matter where you are, and I deal with slow drivers everywhere I go. It’s like God knows I hate them so he puts them in front of me on purpose. But on this particular stretch of road, it’s a guarantee there will be someone in front of me driving slow.

Tonight was no different. I got behind this driver who started to hit his breaks in a spot where they all hit their breaks, which happens to be a spot where you don’t need to hit your breaks. But this is where it all starts going downhill. The slow driving, not the road, although there is a slight downward angle. Anyway…

This driver in front of me wasn’t doing too bad, keeping it at 40 in a 35. I can deal with that. But then he hits his breaks hard and suddenly we’re going 20 because we both came up on another driver who couldn’t figure out where the gas was. For the next 2 miles we’re going 20 mph in a 35. That’s when I thought of this.

The speed limit, is actually the limit that “the man” wants us to drive, no faster. Technically, a cop can give you a speeding ticket for driving 36 in a 35. Sometimes I have to tell myself that 35 isn’t what we’re supposed to do, it’s the limit we’re allowed to do.

With that in mind, there should be a speed have-to or a must-do. Whatever they want to call it. It should automatically be 5 mph under the speed limit. If the speed limit is 35, you should, by law, have to go at least 30 mph. If not, you should be given a ticket equivalent to a speeding ticket. I heard somewhere once that you could get a ticket for going too slow. I think that was just an urban myth, because there isn’t enough of that going on.

Aside from that I also think it should be legal for me to ram the back end of a car driving too fucking slow and push them down the road at the speed that I want to go. I mean, I like to drive fast and in doing so I’m not telling those people behind me they have to drive fast. I’m not hurting them in any way. But to drive slow means you’re making people behind you drive slow and that’s not only rude, but it’s not your place or anybody else’s to make others drive at your pace. If you can’t at the very fucking least drive the speed limit, or even 5 mph under it, get out of the fucking way.

2 responses to “I Hate People

  1. Yeah, I hate this, too. Slow drivers piss me off.

  2. They’re the worst. And is it a fucking law that if you’re a handicapped driver you have to drive like an idiot? If you can push on the gas, you should have no problem going the fucking speed limit. I don’t care what handicap you have or how old you are. If you are behind the wheel of a car, you should drive the speed limit at the very fucking least.

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