Aaah! Zombie Movies!

I just watched a movie I had passed by several times in the video store and again a few times on Netflix. It’s called Aaah! Zombies!

Aaah! Zombies!The reason I passed by it so many times is, I’m sick and fucking tired of zombie movies already, and they’ve got to be my favorite types of horror movies. I’m not just sick of them, I’m sick of wanting to see more and more GOOD zombie movies only to watch crap after crap. It seems that everybody with a camcorder is trying to cash in on the zombie craze now and it’s disgusting. Just like how Twilight ruined vampire movies for me, zombie movies in general are ruining zombie movies for me.

I figured with this one, at least it’s putting itself out as a comedy. There lies another problem. Newer comedies, rather FARCES, are pissing me off. It used to be well worth the wait to get a good farce movie. Airplane, Top Secret (my favorite of all time), Hot Shots and so forth are all great, but thanks to Not Another Teen Movie and those farce movies that came out around that time, they’re popping up everywhere and they are sucking hard. I tried watching the Meet The Spartans movie and wanted to puke up my ass so I could shit puke, it was so bad. I figured this movie would be the same way. I was pleasantly wrong.

This movie has an angle not seen yet. Some twenty-somethings eat some toxic ice cream and turn into zombies. From there on out, the movie is shot from their perspective, where they think they are normal but everyone else is infected. From time to time you get to see reality and how everyone else sees them, but for the most part it’s them looking normal, but dealing with being zombies even though they don’t know they’re zombies.

I’ve read where people say the movie isn’t funny or it’s not acted well or the writing sucks. I found that, for what it is, a low budget, independent zombie movie, that it is considerably well done. The special effects are great, the concept is great and was pulled off well. The acting was good enough by almost everybody in the movie and the comedy was right on. I laughed enough that it was a good comedy for me.

Although it could have used more boobs, especially by the two main actresses in it who are hot. There are no boobs in the movie. It could have used more gore and the eating of people, but again, for what it was, it was great.

Favorite part? Among the few, this one stands out. One of the main four wonders  if Mexican brains are spicy. A short while later, he’s holding a hard taco shell filled with what you could only assume is brains from a dead Mexican next to him and he’s sprinkling shredded cheese on top of it. He tries it and likes it.

So did I. I’ll give this one 4 of 5 for being funnier than I gave it credit for. Plus, it helped to remind me not to judge a movie I haven’t seen yet. I have to remember that.

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