Google +

Google recently pre-launched a new social networking site called Google +, or Google Plus. I’ve been sort of following this on the news site that I check every day, ironically enough it’s Google News.

I use Google a lot. I have a couple of blogs on Blogger, I have quite a few email addresses through G-Mail, and just about everything else Google has done is nice. I even like the current version of Google Chrome when I used to despise it. It has come along nicely, although I must say I typically use Opera.

In any case,  I really don’t think Google + is what we need right now. Especially for what little extras it’s offering. I’m sure there’s a market for it, but I can’t see it being a bigger market than Facebook’s, and that’s who they’re going after, since Facebook is the current social networking leader.

In the most recent news story I’ve read on this, found here,  it actually compares the two and asks if Google + has what it takes to take on Facebook. I really don’t think so. However, this bit caught my attention.

Many people are wondering: Will Google+ dethrone Facebook just like Facebook dethroned MySpace?

First of all, Myspace was dethroned because it lost itself. I had quite a few Myspace accounts and even tried Facebook at one point, right after it came out, and deleted my account there and continued to hang out on Myspace.

But Myspace started changing, and they started implementing new things that didn’t work or didn’t work with the layout. And the layout started changing. Suddenly things that you knew how to access were no longer where they used to be and you had to hunt them down. Nobody wants to do that, they want to be able to continue to use the stuff regularly. Once the site starts taking over your time instead of you spending your time on the site, people lose interest.

I lost interest. I joined Facebook again and found it to be simple and easy to use. Just what I wanted. Something that I could enjoy using without being lost all of the time trying to figure everything out.

The only way Facebook will lose to Google + is if they do the same thing. If they continue to leave things the way they are and not change everything so much, they’ll be okay. Eventually, they’ll probably just build into their site the things that make Google + stand out, which as I said, isn’t much. If that’s the case, then Google + will fail. Just like the other times Google failed to put out a decent social networking site.

Anybody remember Orkut or Wave, both by Google? Exactly.

Google shouldn’t try to reinvent the wheel, they should be trying to invent their own great thing. Facebook has it figured out and has the right tools to be the best at what they do. There are hundreds of other social networking sites online, but Facebook dominates for a reason. Google, with your power and billions of dollars, why go after what hundreds are already doing instead of trying to do something else that nobody is doing? You, before anyone else, has the power to do that.

I won’t be using Google +, even though I hear Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has a Google + account. Good for him, he’s rich. He has his own helicopter too, but I’m not running out to get one of those.

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