Celebrities Suck

At the pain of trying too hard to think of something to write, I stumbled upon a “news” story about Kate Moss getting married and her neighbors aren’t happy because of the traffic around their neighborhood. This traffic is due to their wedding taking place.

First of all, the fact that this is “news” is disgusting. The fact that there are more than one show all about celebrities lives is disgusting. TMZ should burn in hell.

The fact that there are regular people in this world who give more than one fuck about celebrities lives is ridiculous. I don’t give a fuck who’s sleeping with who, who’s marrying who and especially who’s adopting what.

Why does anybody care? Underneath the movies, music or “fashion”, they’re just people, and people aren’t interesting enough to begin with. To add celebrity status to them is laughable. Just because someone acted in a movie doesn’t mean they know everything about life and fashion, and you, regular people, shouldn’t base the things you do in your life off of what these overpaid, overviewed, nobodies do.

Kate Moss is getting married. Whooptie fucking do.

Arnold’s Baby Mom Mum On Divorce. YIPPEE.

How about this…. World Doesn’t Give A Shit About Celebrity Lives, next in the Entertainment Section.

2 responses to “Celebrities Suck

  1. I remember posting something along these lines back when I actually used MySpace’s blog. It was shortly after Anna Nicole Smith died. I was trying to see the weather (because it was winter and wanted to know how early I should leave for work) and no matter what channel I turned on it was coverage of her death. Why so many people cared about someone they didn’t know really kind of pissed me off. She wasn’t even THAT big of a celebrity.

    And really, pay attention next time you’re in the grocery store check out lane. Nothing but celebrity magazines. WHO GIVES A FUCK? I don’t know these people so why should I care what they wore, who wore it best, who fucked who, and who the baby daddy is?

    These people put their pants on the same way I do. Their pants are just more expensive.

  2. Absolutely. Speaking of expensive pants, I happened to come across one of those shitty celebrity news shows once right after the show Friends went off the air and they were talking about how Courtney Cox was seen in one of those Hollywood clothing stores and she bought a pair of blue jeans, BLUE JEANS, for $200. Must be fucking nice. Even if I were a millionaire, I would never pay that much for blue jeans because THEY’RE FUCKING BLUE JEANS.

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