Racist Ghostbusters

I’m not sure when I first noticed this, but it’s been quite a while and yet I always forget to say something when I’m sitting at my computer and wanting to write about something.

As much as I love the two Ghostbusters movies, I have a bit of a problem with them. They’re racist.

Sure, it’s subtle, but all of the good racism is. Do me a favor and take a look at the cover to the movies. I’ll give you a moment.


Do you see it? It’s right there… That’s right, there are supposed to be FOUR Ghostbusters. And the one who happens to be excluded from both of those pictures? Winston Zeddemore, the BLACK Ghostbuster!

I’m sorry, African American Ghostbuster.

How can you forget him? The only argument I can think of is, he wasn’t one of the founders. In the beginning of the first movie, he wasn’t part of the original gang. He was, however, the only person hired on to the team to be a Ghostbuster who wasn’t apart of the original three.

Besides that, he was in a majority of the first movie and all of the second. If it weren’t for him, Ray and Egon would have burned alive in their photo lab. But he saved them. And the thanks he gets? He isn’t on either cover of the movies.

I love both movies very much and I find this a bit disturbing. I’m sure Ernie Hudson is a little peeved at this, someone should ask him the next time they see him. Even still, he got paid for doing the movies, so I’m sure he’s not too pissed about it.

17 responses to “Racist Ghostbusters

  1. I never noticed that before!

  2. I had never noticed that before. Honestly, I haven’t even looked at the cover for either film since I was a kid and I had no idea what racism was then.

    It’s funny that you started a blog. I knew you like to write and was considering if you wanted to write on mine…..hah!

    • The funny thing is, I have several blogs. I used to write on my website for many years and then I had to let the site go. Hopefully I won’t get this one deleted, but I’ll try to play nice. And thanks for thinking of me lol.

  3. Did you know that Eddie Murphy was originally cast as Winston? I can’t remember what the deal was that kept him from the part. I think he demanded something the studio, or Harold Ramis, wasn’t willing to give him.

    Could you imagine Ghostbusters with Eddie Murphy?

  4. I do remember hearing that. I think he actually had other things going on. That’s back when he was doing his stand up. Either that or he was just getting started with his movie career. Not sure, but yeah, I don’t know how that would have turned out. Definitely different for sure.

  5. He doesn’t even get mentioned on the poster! Rick Moranis gets his name up there, but not poor Ernie.

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  7. For what it’s worth, Ernie Hudson got his revenge by aging way better than Bill Murray, Dan Akroyd, or Harold Ramis (RIP). Seriously, last time I saw, Ernie looked amazing compared to the rest of them.

    • That is true. I think that has to do with him being black, cause black folks age wonderfully compared to white folks. And, I don’t think he’s a huge party guy like they were/are.

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  10. I’m curious where the “Ghostbusters 2” poster came from. I remember the teaser poster for “Ghostbusters 2” only featured the Ghostbuster logo with the two fingers out and no cast members. As it came closer to release the US poster definitely had all four Ghostbusters on it. That’s the first image that comes up when you google “Ghostbusters 2 poster”. I recall reading something, maybe in a summer movie preview in a local paper, about Ernie Hudson getting his picture on the poster at the time.
    Also, it’s a bit of an odd argument to say that a movie is racist when it’s the advertising for it rather than the content you are criticizing. I am sure that there racist things happening in marketing all the time, just look at the “Couple’s Retreat” poster controversy, but that doesn’t mean the source material is racist.

    • Those are the VHS/DVD covers, not the posters. I own both DVDs and those are the covers I have. Murray, Ramis and Aykroyd are three of the hippest white guys ever. Sarcasm is plastered all over this article, as it is on most of the rest of the content here. Just giving them a fun ribbing, so to speak. That’s all. I love the movies and all of the actors, and the movies are definitely not racist, as can be told by the movies themselves and their soundtracks.

  11. The movie itself is not racist but the directors and organizers are/were. Ernie Hudson recently did and interview with Bill Murray (http://www.theguardian.com/film/2014/oct/16/ernie-hudson-ghostbusters-winston) and he spoke what he felt and experienced. Judge for yourself. From the man himself.

    • That’s exactly what I said. At what point did I say otherwise? I already judged for myself. I know the three other actors aren’t racist because they’re hip dudes. But the execs wouldn’t surprise me at all. Honestly I think maybe they just didn’t like Hudson for the part, but gave it to him anyway for whatever reason. There might not even be racism here at all. I mean honestly, if they had that big of a problem with him being black, they could have easily recast him as a white guy. There’s nothing in either movie that alludes to him being black. Thanks for sharing the link though, that was a good read.

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